This is Ruaraidh Murray’s third consecutive year at the Gilded Balloon and his new production Boxman will not disappoint devotees of his two previous works ‘Big Sean, Mikey and Me’ and ‘Bath Time’. Simultaneously maintaining the ethos of these two great works-minimal props and effective performance- it is also a step forward and although it is still ahigh octane show it is less manic and even more assured than its predecessors.
Centring on the character Boxman-aka Brian as we discover during its duration- who seems to live an isolated life in his front room where he seeks to hide from life’s harsh realities by securing himself within the confines of a cardboard box. Abandoned by his wife and obsessive about minute details, such as securing every bolt on the windows or dripping taps which don’t actually drip, his life is awakened and his spirit emboldened after a trip to his local Asda where he encounters the sexy Mandy working on the check outs.
This is almost an epiphany to him and following one disastrous encounter where he loses his nerve when confronted with the object of his desires he sets out to seduce her. First step involves him getting a job in Asda himself and after this has been secured he finds that although he manages to win the attention of Mandy- a hilarious act of congress in a Wetherspoon’s cleaning cupboard is the setting for romance Boxman style- he finds he lacks the confidence to pursue it further; it would seem that childhood afflictions and memories still haunt our hero and have probably plagued him throughout his adult life.
Boxman is definitely a show worth seeing at this year’s fringe and Murray-skilfully directed by Tim Stark- has certainly upped his ante and shown a new maturity with this work. Many of his trademark nuances are still apparent but they now seem housed in a more cerebral rather than corporeal sensibility. Less frantic than his previous works it is no less compelling and once word spreads will be one of this year’s sure-fire Fringe hits.
Boxman is on at the Gilded Balloon every day at 4.15pm until August 25th

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