Predictably enough as soon as the Fringe arrives the good weather departs only to be replaced by grey skies and incessant rain and the best we can hope for in the way of sunshine is a decent show to brighten our day. Travesti is one of those shows.
An interesting concept wherein six male actors express the viewpoints-verbatim allegedly- and personas of women taking in such topics as body hair, shaving versus not shaving, sexual objectification, sexual abuse, sex, men, children, actions and reactions. Each topic is delivered with its own nuances and makes its own point coherently. Alongside this the whole play hangs together extremely effectively with musical interludes such as Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and the ultimate objectification ditty, Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’.
These lighter moments actually add to the potency of the more serious issues underlying the casual lightness of touch that lies on the surface. The mood is enhanced by the male actors delivering their female lines in the essence of male conformity: suits and ties.
One by one however they disrobe after exposing their inner selves and hide behind mirrors applying make up whilst the remaining actors continue revealing their innermost feelings, fears, strengths and thoughts.
The six actors each show a remarkable empathy for their female counterparts and the production is certainly a tight, coherent one whilst the direction by Rebecca Hill is simple but highly effective. The day I went this show had already sold out and as every other show I have seen so far has struggled to even half fill their venue this was impressive, indicating that word of mouth has already spread concerning this brave and intelligent piece which has serious themes underlying its sunny disposition.
Travesti is showing everyday until August 25th at 2.50 in the Pleasance Dome

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