Admittedly my first impressions on entering the hall for this show were that I was going to hate it: loud cheesy rave music and an over excited female contingent conspired to heighten my dread. Thankfully my misgivings were misplaced and this ended being one of the most enjoyable hours I have spent in what, so far, has been a great fringe experience for me.
A two hander with April Hughes, as a teenage schoolgirl who is on the verge of sexual awakening, and Lia Burge, her aunt who is also on the verge of a sexual awakening of a different and not so pleasant kind. Both actors fulfil their roles more than adequately and Hughes, in particular, impresses with her comic ability; turning teenage angst and wonderings into anecdotal humorous moments.
The most impressive moment in this impressive play comes when the two act out sexual encounters at the opposite end of the spectrum-one is innocent and full of expectation whilst the other is depraved and filled with disengagement, despondency and disappointment- but whilst the acts described are wildly different they somehow manage to intertwine the two and later they form a bond, which had never previously existed, regarding their sexual experiences.
I thoroughly enjoyed the show and Anna Jordan’s script is well observed with witty, thought provoking dialogue whilst her direction is simple but highly effective. Definitely one to watch out for at this year’s Fringe
Freak is showing daily at Assembly, George Square until August 25th at 4,10pm

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