Away From Home
This outstanding new work starring Rob Ward-co-written with Marin Jameson who also directed the piece- focuses on the taboo subject of homosexuality in football and the homophobia said taboo then engenders. It looks at sex as currency and transaction and how this simplistic approach can cause complications and stresses even when such a relationship seeks to avoid such things.
Ward plays Kyle-although he frequently adopts the personas of his friends, and family throughout the recounting of his tale- who is coasting along quite happily with his life as a rent boy. His family are aware that he is gay and his friends suspect but neither are aware that he sells his body to other men as a means of making a living. However a request from an important client who has especially requested his services opens up an opportunity in which his life can radically change overnight when it turns out that the mystery client is a premier league footballer.
Initially Kyle is reticent about the role he will have to play as the footballer’s regular ‘fixture’ but considering his alternatives- an encounter with a balding magistrate in his sixties goes someway toward convincing him- he decides to embark on a relationship whilst being made fully aware that it can never be made public knowledge outside of a very immediate circle.
Frustrated by this condition, as he feels he is denying something of his own identity, but his lover reveals the deep rooted homophobia which still exists in football and even references the late Justin Fashanu-the last major player to come out- who hanged himself nearly twenty years ago.
Ward gives a totally compelling performance throughout this show and his ability to hold the audience’s attention even when slipping in and out of characters is astounding. ‘Away From Home’ is a great production which has its comedic moments but also has a strong underlying theme of extreme seriousness at its core which gives the audience plenty to ponder on.
Away From Home is on at Assembly George Square everyday at 3.20pm until August 25th.

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