Mark Ravenhill: Product
First performed at the Fringe in 2005 by Ravenhill himself this adaptation stars Olivia Poulet in the role the writer previously inhabited. It is a successful transition and translation of a compelling and intelligent script dealing with terrorism in the shadow of 9/11 and the placing of a hot young starlet as product in an industry notoriously fickle about branding and having the right person to play a role.
Leah (Poulet) is a hot shot producer who is trying to find the perfect script for Julia and reads through several scripts and ideas enacting them out as a means of getting her into a position where she can escape the dead end B-movie career she seems to have landed herself with. It is a fast paced , highly skilled piece of dialogue and Poulet handles it well’ Often though I found myself impressed with the production as opposed to enjoying it and occasionally it was overly self conscious but that in no way denigrates its many achievements.
‘Product’ emerges in Poulet’s hands as a thoroughly engaging and insightful work with minimal props and lighting but just enough to drive the central points home.
Mark Ravenhill: Product is on at Assembly Hall every day until August 20th at 2.45pm

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