_2014BIANCO_WSBianco: No Fit State Circus

Opening with a slight flurry of activity and voices arising from seemingly everywhere and nowhere simultaneously the 2014 No Fit State Circus begins unobtrusively enough, The calm is short-lived however because after this deceptively low key beginning we are almost straight into a formidable display of trapeze trickery which impresses and captivates in equal measure. A quick shift to the left and we are again left open mouthed at the ball skills extraordinaire going on in another part of the space-pod cum circus tent which often feels like being on the Mad Max Thunderdome set.
Next up is a sequence of what can only be described as rope twisting pyrotechnics before we are entreated to a tightrope segment which includes a bit of comedy and stripping. A tranced out mellower sequence allows you to catch breath and actually realise how effortless all this looks but how much actual hard work and skill is actually involved and this is only the half way mark.
After a short respite where stage manoeuvrings are required we are off into the second half with a combination of trampolining and swinging which all seems so haphazard but is still probably exquisitely choreographed. The pace of the second half is less frantic and more sensual and after some stunning hula hoping and more rope trickery the show concludes.
The thing about this show is that it is almost impossible not to love and the fact the performers seem to love what they are doing only helps to ramp up the atmosphere and the audience’s enjoyment. Definitely the circus I want to run away with when I grow up although I fear growing up is niot an entry requirement: I am fine there then.
Bianco: No Fit State Circus is on until August 25th at the No Fit State Big Top in Fountainbridge at 8pm .

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