320x320_fitandcropChristeene: The Christeene Machine

Walking into the venue the feeling that you have walked into a club setting in the nineties is inescapable: dry ice, throbbing, incessant electronic sounds and a feeling of expectation. In fact let’s be honest clubbing-in Edinburgh particularly- hasn’t change much since this heyday and the sense of expectation has long since been replaced by a sense of weariness.
However I was prepared to give this show a chance as it had been described as a cross between Alice Cooper and Hedwig-he of the angry inch- although I also got a sense of Jayne-nee Wayne- County in its lewd bawdy intentions to shock and outrage with pure filth. Admittedly the music was first rate even if one song deployed the use of the electric hoover on a rampage sound, last heard on Human Resource’s ‘Dominator’ circa 1991, although the lyrics I could make out were simply designed to shock-one song saw two scantily clad men thrusting their arses into the air whilst shouting about butt plugs- and often came across as a bit puerile and obvious. It is often the case that when people use sex as a tool to outrage and cause controversy they usually always either forget or omit to make it remotely sexy and this is perhaps this shows major flaw; it was not sexy in the slightest, merely bawdy.
The inter-song banter was witty enough but suffered from this overkill too, although I suppose when you have only an hour in which to make your mark during the Fringe perhaps going for it is the simplest option. I would have preferred a little more subtlety but I have the feeling subtlety was not even on the agenda. It is certainly a high octane show however and after a few drinks- I was also completely sober which might offer some insight into my reluctance to feel overly enthused- it may be a great way to set yourself up for a late night on the town. If, like me, you feel you have seen it all before then you might actually find it all a bit tired and try hard.

The Christeene machine is on at the Underbelly every night at 10.10pm

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