An Evening With Dementia

As the population gets older and the number of older people in all our lives increases, dementia becomes more and more a living reality rather than a fabled myth or the butt of jokes regarding absent minded behaviour or forgotten facts. This play with Trevor T. Smith offers up insights to the affliction and its effect on its sufferers. Sufferers may however not be the right description though as the character in the play points out as suffering is not really a symptom as far as the victim is concerned as they are often unaware of what is going on.
The protagonist of this piece has several pieces of advice to offer up to fellow dementia victims however and they generally witty and observant. First up is to avoid pitfalls such as names as this is often the first stumbling block an usually many conversations never recover from this first mishap so steering away from attempting to remember them is probably sound advice. Answering questions make your answers as evasive as possible and irrelevance is unimportant as long as it answers a related question. In fact it would appear that being diagnosed with dementia is really no different from choosing to be a politician as the key is to answer as little as possible with the least relevant information.
An interesting, occasionally witty and very relevant drama ‘An Evening With Dementia’ manages to capture the essence of what it is like to have little knowledge of the past and little fear for the future and although it often makes light of the condition it takes it very seriously.
An Evening With Dementia is showing at Space On The Mile every alternate day at 4pm.

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