_2014BLOODOR_5YBlood Orange

Right from its energetic, high octane opening-all writhing bodies and blaring clubland classics- it is clear that this is a challenging and visceral work and indeed it never lets up all through its duration gathering momentum and reaching a climax which challenges you in a less obviously corporeal fashion but instead moves into cerebral territory giving its audience food for thought to digest after they have left the theatre. Written by Graham Main and performed by the Electric Theatre Workshop ‘Blood Orange’ focuses on a small community within the Scottish club scene-borrowing from true life events when the SDL invaded Dundee- and how racial hatred preys on the weak and vulnerable to further its own agenda.
Zander is still grieving after the death of his mother after his father’s business closed down as he was unable to compete with the competition from the burgeoning Asian community. The racist character Mole recognises that this is the type of recruit he seeks for his own requirements so then swoops in with his race hate rhetoric and incorporates Zander in his fight against the Asian community. It is a tale which inevitably ends in violence and ultimately tragedy.
Although this is a thoroughly modern production it incorporates and draws on other genres to add gravitas as well as a further sense of drama and tension, in particular Shakespearean elements which add potency and poignancy.
At the play’s denouement, after a bloody and viscerally moving confrontation, we are left with the thought that perhaps the incidents detailed are not as isolated or as distant as we often hope and believe they are.

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