cutting_off_kate_bushCutting Off Kate Bush

‘Cutting Off Kate Bush’ is that weird anomaly, a show wherein its greatest strengths are also its greatest weaknesses. Built on the flimsiest of premises involving an obsession with Kate Bush-insert your own icon of choice here if Bush is too much for you to bear- which the lone protagonist of the piece Cathy, after her musical and counterpart in ‘Wuthering heights’ of course, relates the Bush experience with the highs and lows of her life.
Written and performed with undeniable verve and gusto by Lucy Benson-Brown the musical pieces rely generally on Bush’s recorded output – therefore ‘Running Up That Hill’, ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Red Shoes’ and ‘The Man With The Child in His eyes’ are some of the impressive canon offered up- and this is no bad thing. At first Benson-Brown’s whirling arms and flailing limbs routine seems based on parody but as she carries it through to its logical conclusion it becomes clear that her performance and study of the moves is extremely competent, bordering on reverential.
The narrative darts around the fact that it is Cathy’s 27th birthday and as a dreamer, who has suffered the heartbreaking loss of her mother a few years before, feels it is time to put her life into perspective and order. Outside influences are encouraging her in this path also but Cathy seems as fixated on following the guiding light of her heroine’s music as a means of living her life.
This fixation on celebrity as spiritual guru is basically the play’s central premise and it is indeed an interesting one where we are surrounded by celebrity and faux-celebrity everywhere we look. Bush though is an entity all her own and has waged her own way through life on her own terms and in her own fashion seemingly untroubled by outside influence. Perhaps, by choosing someone as iconic and independent as Bush this is no bad thing after all in Cathy’s mind.
Another great thing about this play is that although the central idea is quite flimsy it seems to recognise this and doesn’t hang around long enough for you to notice this. It finishes without trying to resolve the issues at hand and this works in its favour considerably. Oh, and the music was fabulous. Of course!
Cutting Off Kate Bush is showing daily at Gilded Balloon at 1.30pm

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