This compelling crime thriller starring an impeccable Jake Gyllenhaal and equally impressive Rene Russo, written and directed by Dan Gilroy is one of the best films I have seen thus far this year. Gyllenhaal more than adequately inhabits his role of Lou Bloom a young man in search of a career, fame, notoriety and respect at whatever the cost and make no mistake there is no value put on anything other than this success, not even the life of a colleague, if the situation necessitates it. It is this flagrant disregard for others which makes Gyllenhaal’s character so fascinating and watchable whilst the sociopath/psychopath hybrid which determines his personality is as creepy as it is compelling
Once Bloom discovers there is market in selling video footage of crimes and accidents and the aftermath that follows them he decides a career in providing the most intimate, voyeuristic and forensic footage possible with no consideration for the victims of these crimes or the fatalities of an accident or a shoot out. In this he is initially supported by Nina (Russo) who is seeking to boost her own flagging career and although when he suggests mixing business with pleasure she is at first horrified and disgusted but this soon turns to admiration as his skills and sheer determination rapidly become more attractive to her as she realises how much of a boost his input gives to her own kudos and value.
This act of convincing others that he is taking them on the road to success and they should simply do as he says without question is a tactic he uses on his assistant Rick(Riz Ahmed) only when Rick questions his motives and demands that he be treated a little more fairly and receive adequate recompense for his endeavours you sense that he is sealing his own fatal outcome.
As I said before Nightcrawler stands tall amongst the best films I have seen this year. It has everything: great performances, superb pacing, style, gravitas, moments of dark humour and skilful direction by Gilroy. Definitely not one to be missed.

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