Just an Observation
Well the hibernation is now official and after a fairly mild start winter has replaced autumn with a sudden chill in the air. The expectant air of Christmas looms ominously and the masses have already started discussing the John Lewis ad on social media. I do wonder when your life takes such a turn that the annual appearance of a shop ad becomes a matter worthy of discussion and even manages to reduce some to tears! Remind me to never take that turning; it must be the one marked ‘tragic’!
Elsewhere the end of one of the best series on terrestrial TV, Peaky Blinders, finished up last night and one good looking Irish man, Cillian Murphy, is to be replaced next week by another, the former Calvin Klein model Jamie Dornan as possibly the best looking psychopath ever, in The Fall. That will be the next few Thursday nights taken care of then! BBC2 at 9pm.
Out at the cinema this week I have seen one of the best films of the year, Nightcrawler, and in total contrast one of the worst, Mr. Turner. To the latter first and this Mike Leigh attempt at a biopic of the famous artist was a bitter disappointment that seemed to drag on for hours. At several junctures during the film the central character was close to death but only marginally more often than I felt close to it.
I went along on the advice of a dear friend who obviously has no taste in such matters, not that I shall ever remind him of this… often. It was doubly disappointing in that when eventually I escaped from the cinema-the seasons had changed twice at least in the interim- I assumed that at least I may have missed Christmas. In fact the only good thing about the whole experience was that although I had visibly aged at the films conclusion my companion-the recommender of this drudgery- had aged far more than me. Seriously, this film should come not with a guidance setting but an anti-ageing product!
Nightcrawler on the other hand is a sharp, sexy, well paced film in which Jake Gyllenhaal excels as the creepy protagonist with both sociopath and psychopathic leanings as well as a craving for success at any cost. Definitely one of the most compelling films I have seen in a while and a full review can be found here. Definitely recommended!
After unfortunately missing the return of The Hook ‘n’ Pull Gang last weekend I am determined not to make the same mistake this weekend when the mighty Primevals play at the Citrus Club in Grindlay Street this Saturday –Nov 8th- to launch their new album. Supported by The Phlegm and The Trama Dolls this night is probably the best night out this weekend for anyone who loves rock and roll. There are other things going on-notably glam homage The King Rockers at Studio 24- but The Primevals gig looks like being the one to catch.
Right the weekend starts now so have a good one everyone!
Poster at top by Al Hotchkiss.

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