Just an Observation
Sometimes I wonder if I am living in a parallel universe and at others I extremely wish that I was. This past week has been the latter with Saint Bob of Geldof and lapdog Bono hogging the headlines along with Myleene Klass defending her own class whilst Tony Blair receives an award from Save The Children and UKIP gain yet another by election win and place in parliament. Sometimes it feels as if life is moving backwards and all the positive steps forward society has made over the last five decades are tripping up over themselves.
It is certainly no step forward to have a multi-millionaire and his cohort exhort us to give them and their charity single-come on Bob this is the third time this piece of tripe has been served up as a means to an end and by now even a starving African may turn its nose up at such a meagre and unpalatable offering- our hard earned and in many cases in short supply ‘fucking money’. Honestly such terminology is what you would expect from a mugger on the street not from a self appointed conscience of the nation. Surely if he doffed his begging cap in front of his wealthy pals the million pounds he has already suckered out of those less well off could be more than doubled. But why ask them for money when he can raise their profiles and boost both his and their careers?
As to the record itself; well it was shit first time around, cringe-worthy the second and beyond embarrassing on its third trip into the nations pockets. What is more, Geldof seems to be defending his beliefs and the poor quality of the record with the standard phrase of ‘ bollocks’. Yes, very intelligent and convincing indeed.
Apparently he has also found time to attack Adele who refused to answer his calls or participate in the latest ‘Look at me I’m a celebrity pass me the autotune’ circus and actually sneeringly condemned her for being too busy raising her child and being a mother. As if these things are not important and you would think that a man who has only this year buried a young daughter of his own would understand, possibly empathise, that parenting should remain any parent’s utmost priority not something to be derided or sneered at. Adele donated money anonymously and with no media fuss or pressure by the way.
So whilst Bob is out there saving the world and drawing our attention to the horrific Ebola crisis –because we were all unaware until his intervention- the height of irritation, Myleene Klass, is trying to save her upper-class skin and that of all her rich friends by protesting about the proposed Mansion Tax Ed Milliband has put forward as part of Labour’s next manifesto.
Vociferous in her outrage it is a shame she couldn’t have shown the same concern for the less wealthy section of society who were hit by the Bedroom Tax which resulted in many people actually losing their homes and having nowhere to go. It hardly seems that a higher tax rate on those who have homes valued at £2 million or more is going to leave anyone destitute does it?
Mind you if Ukip continue to gain more seats in parliament they will probably do away with poor people altogether. I am unsure why they are proving so popular down south –and believe me at the moment it seems more of a southern phenomenon as Scotland is virtually untouched by their policies or beliefs- but can only assume it is fear which is strange as the thing which scares me the most is the rhetoric and beliefs being peddled by Farage and co., as they are policies really to be fearful of.
On a more positive note Scotland got a new First Minister this week who also happens to be a woman, Nicola Sturgeon. Not that you would know this from the meagre news coverage such a historic and important event received. It is all so confusing that just over two months ago the mainstream media was imploring Scotland to stay with them as the union was so important then when a new minister is elected it receives little attention in the same media outlets. Perhaps Scotland has been put back in the box marked ‘dealt with’ and is no longer important enough to warrant attention. Perhaps when the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon take a much higher number of MP’s to Westminster-significantly more than UKIP- after the next election they might realise the box they have shoved Scotland into, whilst allowing the jack in the box that is Farage to leap all over the nation’s consciousness, hasn’t been closed at all. Here’s hoping!

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