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Well only just over two weeks in and 2015 has got off to a dramatic start both on a personal and general level. On a personal level disaster follows disaster and if anyone else out there receives an email from Apple/iTunes telling them they need to update their details then ignore or report it even though it seems genuine- I had been having problems that very day transferring some tunes form an iTunes folder- and the link to be clicked seems authentic and extremely convincing.
Unfortunately I made the mistake of following said link and found my bank account divested of nearly £300 the next morning when I checked my account; a rare and, on this occasion, random occurrence I must admit so it is fortunate the damage wasn’t higher although whilst I was in the bank an attempt to extort another £1300 from my account had just taken place although I doubt they would have had much luck with that one. Just be vigilant and I have learnt the hard way not to update anything online no matter how legitimate it seems.
Last week’s attacks in Paris have dominated global news for the past ten days and the fallout from the terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices. The attacks on the satirical newspaper have reared fierce debates about freedom of speech versus respect for others beliefs and many questions have been raised with many answers –some convincing, others less so- provided although none of the latter conclusive or even remotely satisfying and it seems everyone now has an opinion.
One thing is certain is that we live in scary times and news of a raid on a suspected terror attack in Belgium merely confirms it.
In good old Britain it is encouraging to see our unelected leader’s response to the issues is to start monitoring social media and our private internet accounts thus invading our privacy and freedom of speech. Apparently this is something he intends to push through if he is elected Prime Minister again in May. Not that, technically, he was ever elected Prime Minister five years ago but that hasn’t stopped him thus far.
On a positive note however it was good to hear that the Green Party membership has overtaken both the Lib Dems and UKIP this week. Let’s hope that this means that they get the same amount of coverage and support from the media that Farage and his twisted band of cohorts seem to have been receiving of late rather than being the excluded fringe party that didn’t originally get invited to the televised debate party. Along with the SNP, which is now the UK’s third biggest party although you would be hard pushed to recognise this from national media coverage, it is good to see the three main parties-not that the Lib Dems remain a serious contender and this alone should serve as a warning to anyone seeking to form a coalition with the Tories- are at last getting a run for their money.
Mind you I found it hard to differentiate between Prime Minister’s question time and the fifteen minutes of Celebrity Big Brother I caught this week.
Celebrities? On what planet?
Seriously it seems nowadays all you need is an over inflated ego to go with your over inflated breasts to be termed a celebrity and from what I managed to gather there isn’t a bigger tit in the house than Perez Hilton who emerges as a particularly noxious character even among the squawling, bitching whiny ‘glamour’ models who keep screeching about loyalty, integrity and their Masters Degrees. Do the latter come free as a bonus with an augmentation these days?
To balance out the tits on show in the Big Brother house there has also been much talk of Justin Beiber’s bulge in the latest Calvin Klein ads: Action man or Fraction Man? Personally I find it almost impossible to care what he has or doesn’t have but the fact that he felt compelled to respond to the allegedly un-retouched images showing him to be considerably less well endowed than the official shots indicate that Beiber does in fact care himself. Not that I think shoving his soap on a rope into a sock then wrapping a towel round himself and posting the pics on Twitter has does anything to convince anyone of anything other than the fact that it doesn’t matter how much he has down below it can’t compare with how much of a dick he is as a person: the biggest kind!
Out on the music front February sees the return of post punk funksters A Certain Ratio at the Voodoo Rooms on the 21st February and The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Corn Exchange on the 19th. The former were a firm favourite in my youth and the latter are a perennial go to band for me. However I still maintain that although I love both these bands it would be good if a new band could manage to excite me in the same way.
Also coming up in the next few months is ‘Big Gold Dream’ a documentary about the sound of young Scotland; the era and scene I actually grew up in and actually features many people I am pleased and proud to call friends. I am so looking forward to seeing this in its entirety and the trailer released just prior to Christmas didn’t so much whet my appetite as leave me salivating for more. A more detailed report on this much needed and long overdue two part film will follow in the very near future.
Right that is it for this week and all I can say is that at least we are more than half way through January so as far as I am concerned this is a good thing!

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