Just An Observation
There seems to be much fuss being made about the re-instatement of an obnoxious, boorish, petulant and rude television presenter, Jeremy Clarkson for those slow on the uptake, after he was involved in a fracas with one of his show’s producers-his boss in other words- leading to him being suspended from his privileged position earlier this week. Apparently nearly half a million signatures have been added to an online petition protesting about the actions of the BBC in the wake of the debacle; incidentally it is emerging that the whole fiasco was engendered by the non-delivery of a cooked meal at 10pm and a plate of cold cuts offered up instead. These poor over worked television celebrities with their six figure salaries and comfortable lifestyles, how my nose bleeds for them, and I simply cannot fathom how they manage to survive such hardships.
Personally I feel the removal of an odious creature such as Clarkson from our television screens can only be a good thing so why are so many fighting for his re-instatement? Obviously he appeals to a large part of our populous which I must admit to feeling rather concerned about. This is a man who was only recently reprimanded for using the ‘N’ word on his show Top Gear] and has received constant warnings about his dubious attitudes only to continue with the self given belief and arrogance that he can do and say whatever he wants. At least the BBC aren’t allowing his behaviour to go unchecked in this instance but suspicions linger that he might not have been punished so harshly-if at all- if the complaint hadn’t come from one of his superiors but from one of the many minorities which he feels inclined to put upon whenever the mood takes him.
I am also confused as to who is actually signing this petition as I don’t seem to know a solitary soul who can actually stand the man and his belligerent waffling. Seemingly he is popular down south whilst his ‘charms’ remain a mystery to those in the northern hemispheres of our little island.
Those northern hemispheres-or Scotland as it prefers to be known- have also been under attack this week. This time the attack comes from the Conservative party who only seven months ago were campaigning for it to remain part of the United Kingdom in the Independence Referendum. After getting what they wanted with that result it now seems that the SNP, probably returning a large portion of MSP’s to Westminster after May’s General Election, won’t be made too welcome. Posters showing Labour’s Ed Milliband in Alex Salmond’s pocket have made only too clear exactly what the Tories think of Scotland and its people. Apparently Scots were begged to stay in the UK but after they did they were expected to not be allowed to have any say in how the UK is run. No change there then!
Even more insulting was a picture in the English edition of The Sun-who are obviously unaware that social media or the internet which shares information north of the border as well as globally- depicting Nicola Sturgeon as a Miley Cyrus type figure in a tartan bikini bestriding a wrecking ball. Not only is this sexist but it is out and out racist as well as inflammatory. It would seem the hatred for Scotland is as potent as ever in Westminster and this from a government that only a few months ago didn’t want us to leave them. Definite mixed messages!
On another front I was glad to see Robin Thicke-the ‘e’ at the end is optional I think- and Pharrell Williams being forced to pay $7 million dollars plus to the family of Marvin Gaye for blatantly ripping off his classic hit ‘Got to Give it Up’ for Thicke’s 2013 track ‘Blurred Lines’. This was a bugbear of mine all through that summer as every time I heard it all I could hear was Gaye’s track. Interestingly enough Gaye’s family are now listening to the Pharrell Williams 2014 best seller ‘Happy’ and comparing it with Marvin’s ‘Ain’t that Peculiar’ in a bid to decipher whether that was also a blatant case of plagiarism –which it sounds suspiciously like to these ears. I know nothing is ever wholly original these days and they do say talent borrows but genius steals but these guys were definitely chancing their arms by ripping off two such easily recognisable tunes in such quick succession.
Last weekend saw an extremely violent attack in the city centre whereupon a gang of twelve dressed in checked suits and brogues severely assaulted a young man for simply walking home in a sustained and aggressive attack. It all sounds a bit Clockwork Orange meets Peaky Blinders to me and although I am horrified at the attack taking place at all I am also concerned that it is now acceptable to wear checked suits and brogues out on a Saturday night. When exactly did our weekend and nightlife culture gone so very wrong?
Was sad to see the final episode of ‘Cucumber’ last night but also glad that Russell T. Davies made the brave decision to make the series a one off and not allow it to drag out and become a fatuous franchise like so many other great ideas which lose their credibility, integrity and vision by continuing was past their sell by date; the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ is a recent perfect example of this with its disappointing third series undoing any good the first two had achieved. It was also refreshing that the series actually approached gay lifestyles as something other than tragic- although tragedy played a large part in the unfolding situations- and episode six, perhaps the most tragic of all, was perhaps one of the sharpest, most observant, well acted, superbly scripted and perfectly realised pieces of television in recent years with a truly shocking outcome.
Plenty coming up in the next few weeks worth checking out and now that my hibernation is now (almost) over I will definitely be checking out a few more offerings around the city and work out exactly what is worth doing and what is best avoided.

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