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Well that might just have been the summer then! Beautiful sunshine, unseasonably high temperatures and a general sense of joie de vivre all experienced over the last week seem to have been replaced by a chilly haar with the temperature likely to drop to that more familiar to the beginning of March than the end of April or beginning of May. Let’s just hope then that the forecasters have got it wrong and once the fog clears we are left with bright sunshine which extends itself through the next few months and then some.
There is always hope!
Certainly things are picking up around town though. Tonight’s opening at The Whitespace Gallery in Gayfield Square ‘The Antifucktarianists’ features work by four Edinburgh artists- Martin Metcalfe, Jade Gemma Cruickshank, Anjila Wilson and Oskar Kickasso – whose work aims to deconstruct the propaganda of the said F***tarianists of this world. Certainly it is a novel premise and one which captures the feelings running high in the run up to possibly the most important General Election for Scotland in recent memory. Not that this exhibition focuses on the upcoming election however as it is much wider world view which lies at its heart. Certainly one to catch whilst it hangs around which won’t be for long so get there this weekend if you can.
Over at the Gallery of Modern Art the Roy Lichtenstein show is still on and if you haven’t seen this most impressive and comprehensive collection encapsulating both the earlier and later works of one of the leading lights of Pop Art-possibly second only to Warhol in being instantly recognisable- then I suggest you do.
There is plenty of time to see this however as it is showing until January 2016 but with tourist season, school holidays and then the Festival on the horizon I can’t think of a more perfect time to go than now. The Gallery of Modern Art and its surroundings are probably at their most beautiful and relaxed during spring making the experience so much more worthwhile and pleasurable.
Tuesday sees Nick Cave return to the Playhouse as part of his latest British tour. Certainly a musical legend this is definitely one of the must see gigs of the season- Patti Smith performing ‘Horses’ in Glasgow in June definitely THE most essential- and as Cave has no new album to promote, unlike 2013’s tour which drew heavily from that year’s excellent ‘Push The Sky Away’ opus, I am expecting a set to draw heavily from his vast and extensive career in equal measure.
Next Friday (May 1st) Neu Reekie are also hosting a musical/literary extravaganza in honour of their launch of a poetry anthology amd double album at La Belle Angele featuring The Sexual Objects ,The Merrylees, Liz Lochead, Michael Pedersen and an equally impressive cast list of thousands more. Well, maybe not thousands but you get the gist; an early start for this one-6pm- and an early finish too making it the perfect start to any weekend.
Out at the cinemas the ‘Final Cut’ of the classic ‘Bladerunner is still showing so that is also a must see in what is already shaping up to be a busy week ahead.
Been a relatively quiet week on the election front this week although it would seem that the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon-who remains steadfastly cool in the face of all the insults hurled her way- seem to have the establishment on the run. It would appear that democracy is only democracy if it is at the hands of the Conservative or Labour parties and anything voted for by the people-especially those in Scotland who have gone from being so important to the UK when they threatened to leave mere months ago but now that they might have a say in the next government are being demonised beyond belief and recognition- is not democracy at all but holding the country to ransom. Seeing those two main parties running scared and realising their time as overall rulers may actually be up is so encouraging. If this results in a major shift in British politics and those two major parties are no longer able to get their way then this can only be a good thing!
Oh and if you get a chance-I suggest you make one- then watch the short political satire ‘Jim Murphy: Saviour of the Union’-just google it and click on the link- trust me when I say it is excellent!

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