Just an Observation

Well with just under a week to go in the closest run General Election of modern times it seems the heat has really turned up. The lacklustre Conservative campaign is losing momentum and votes while David Cameron’s face resembles more and more a sweaty round cheese well past its sell by date. Meanwhile Labour are still claiming they can win a majority that they obviously can’t- and Ed Milliband sounds more and more like a programmed robot –E2D2- only slightly less human. The Greens and Plaid Cymru are sneaking up from the back while everyone seems to have forgotten about the Lib Dems, including party members themselves. Up here in Scotland however the tension and excitement is more palpable that it has ever been since, oh let’s see, about eight or nine months ago.
It is Scotland this election has focussed on and the phenomenal rise of the SNP who look set to take an overwhelming majority of seats, if not them all. It is certainly a strange thing to hear your nation demonised by Cameron and Milliband as they have been throughout the election campaign-Cameron in particular has spoken of little else warning that democracy itself is at threat when surely this is democracy in action and at its most poignant-when only last September the very Scots now being lambasted were being pleaded with to stay as they were so important to the United Kingdom. Not anymore apparently and the fact they might have a say in the running of the country they voted to stay in is now abhorrent to the very same people. Confused? You will be after the next episode of Soap; to borrow a tag line from the classic late seventies sitcom ‘Soap’.
The media in particular has descended into a convoluted and confusing soap opera and nowhere was it more confusing than the contrasting front pages of the Sun north and south of the border yesterday with the Scottish Sun instructing us to vote SNP to keep the Tories out whilst the English version of the same paper urging its readership to vote Tory to keep the SNP out.
What a difference a referendum defeat makes though as instead of cowering away licking their wounds the Yes campaign seems to have galvanised itself into something even stronger and Scotland rather than re-assuming its role as an errant mistress or embittered and frustrated wife has awoken from its sleepy political slumber and is crying out to be heard. With less than a week to go let’s hope that this newly found strength continues and that the two main parties don’t reach some compromise which silences the Scots yet again. This time I think the voice is too loud and its argument too strong to ignore.
Tonight sees Neu Reekie hold an excellent sounding night of music and spoken word at La Belle Angele featuring The Sexual Objects, The Merrylees and Liz Lochhead amongst a cast of thousands. Well maybe not thousands but close enough. Starting early -6pm- and with such a line up I challenge you to find better value for a fiver anywhere in any city tonight!
On Sunday Spectorbullets , centring on the Gustaf Heden/Russell Burn power axis, are hosting an evening of musical entertainment at The Safari Lounge in Abbeyhill from 8pm. Also offering a host of guests I can’t think of a better way to spend a bank holiday Sunday.
This week saw Nick Cave return to Edinburgh and turn in a totally astounding set which featureD less full on dynamics than his recent tours and let the songs speak themselves. Definitely a highlight of this year so far and definitely a hard one to beat- I reckon Patti Smith performing ‘Horses’ in its entirety in June will give him a run for his money though- a full review can be found here.
Out in the cinema it looks like the next big film for me will be ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ starring Tom Hardy. Not out until May 14th I am already looking forward to this one as I am looking forward to the Teen Canteen hosted night ‘The Girl Effect’ at Summerhall next Saturday (May 9th) focussing on the music of girl bands and in support of Scottish Women’s Aid. More about this next week nearer the time though.

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