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Wow! What a day to wake up and be Scottish!
Fifty six seats going to the SNP in the biggest ever swing to one party since election results were recorded is truly phenomenal and the chasm between Scottish and English voters has never been wider. With the Tories on the home run to winning an overall majority-surprisingly London remained as resistant as Scotland to their toxic charms with Labour taking most seats there- and another five years in government things seem pretty bleak in the years ahead despite the roar of the Scottish voice in Westminster. Let’s hope Nicola Sturgeon holds fast to her principles and stands up to the Tory cuts and demonising of the less fortunate in our society and uses the position of the SNP in Westminster for positive change.
Certainly it is now clear that Scottish Labour are finished as like their arch rivals the Conservatives, who they have always sneered at and lorded it over north of the border, and the totally nationally defunct Libdems they only managed to attain a solitary seat. This is hugely significant and shows the referendum last September politically awakened a whole nation which previously had been drifting along in a somnambulant haze hoping that voting Labour was going to bring about some sort of change which was going to benefit Scotland and the UK as a whole.
It would certainly seem that Labour were the fall guy – the duped patsy- in the No campaign as backing the Tories rather than the people of Scotland seemed more important to them. Certainly a second referendum on independence would possibly benefit the Tories as by demonising the SNP as a major part of their election campaign there are likely to some major stand offs in the near future.
Not that Scottish Labour could have saved Labour down south however as there has been a major Conservative sweep which is unfathomable in Scotland today. Even with the Scottish votes now going to the SNP Labour would still have been trailing behind the Tories who managed to swallow up many of the seats of their coalition partners of the last five years, the Libdems. Talk about eating your young; Tories swallow them whole!
As yet the final results are not in for the rest of the country but it definitely appears the Tories have a majority and the politics of fear have won out yet again. What is to be unquestionably feared along with five more arduous years of Tory rule is the inexorable rise of UKIP, also down south, which is luckily not reflected in the number of actual seats they attained. This time!
Already the Labour leader with charisma bypass, Ed Milliband, has resigned and it looks likely that the five year doormat Nick Clegg and the total objectionable knob-end that is Nigel Farage won’t be far behind. Farage’s being dependent on whether he wins his seat or not but at the moment this is still unconfirmed.
Away from politics- kind of hard today- I am looking forward to the Teen Canteen hosted ‘The Girl Effect’ evening at Summerhall tomorrow, Saturday 9th May, for Scottish Women’s Aid featuring a host of acts performing their favourite girl group songs. With a line up including the aforementioned Teen Canteen, Machines in Heaven, Eugene Kelly, The Spook School and a host of others this loks like being not only a worthwhile gig but a great one.
Next Thursday, the 14th, sees the album launch by Stereogram Records for the critically lauded second offering ‘Infinite Variety’ by The Cathode Ray at the Voodoo Rooms and this should also be a great gig.
Time now to await the final results and hopefully catch the Farage resignation; not that I am feeling smug or anything. Certainly watching him resign doesn’t fill me with any joy the way the SNP result does and although the future is more uncertain than ever with another five years of Tory rule at least Scotland can hold its head high as its people voted with their hearts and can now stand proud as the third biggest elected party-in number of seats- in Westminster. Well done!

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