Andrews Sisters as DJs
Just An Observation

One week in after the Tories gained a majority in the General Election and it seems the fun is just beginning. If it could be called fun at all that is.
Appointed already are a Justice Minister who wants to abolish the Human Rights Act and reinstate capital punishment: a minister for Equality who is deeply opposed to gay marriage and wants to cut disability benefits which is a good start; a Health Minister who wants to amend the time allowed for a woman to decide if she wants a termination by cutting it from twenty four weeks to twelve thus increasing the likelihood of illegal abortions for those who fail to meet the deadline: a Culture Minister who is against the BBC and wants to savagely hack away at it. As all this wasn’t inflammatory enough also appointed are a former tax adviser to Margaret Thatcher, who was instrumental in implementing the Poll Tax, as under secretary of state in The Scottish Office whilst also giving his backing to a fifteen million pound Thatcher museum. Not bad for one weeks work! It is a like an ongoing joke that despite waiting and waiting has no actual punchline: Cameron’s Comedy Cabinet!
Who actually voted for all this?
No-one in Scotland I can proudly say!
Meanwhile in good news it would seem UKIP despite polling surprisingly well but still only managed to have one MP elected now seem set on a destruction course of self inflicted implosion. The will he, won’t he resign debacle surrounding party leader Nigel Farage- he swiftly did resign but then he re-instated himself even more promptly- has thrown that party into some disarray and highlighted the divisions at its very core. Matters weren’t helped by his appearance on ‘Farage Airtime’ –previously known as Question Time although he appears on it more regularly than presenter David Dimbleby- where he came across as the thin skinned snarling character he was denying he actually was by actually behaving in a thin skinned and snarling manner.
Oh well, another five years of this joy to look forward to. Well done Britain!
On a happier note at least there is the new Mad Max film out today which is certainly something to look forward to. Starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult at least it is guaranteed to look good. Can’t wait to see this one and a review will be online as soon as I have.
Down at The Parlour Bar in Leith tonight a good friend is making her DJ’ing debut under the guise of OAP Diddy. This is one not to be missed: Grandmother Flash on the wheels of steel!
In case anyone in Edinburgh hasn’t tried it yet then I highly recommend a visit to The Marshmallow Lady in Canonmills which has recently undergone a re-vamp. Who knew marshmallows could be so lush? Definitely sexed up-like the ice-gream and crisp industries did in the early nineties- I recommend the Chocolate Chilli Mousse, Lemon Mousse and Maple Pecan although the Prosecco and Rose Petals I tried the other day were none too shabby either. They can also be found at the Stockbridge Market on a Sunday. Trust me when I say these are very much NOT for sharing!
Tomorrow sees the launch of local the Emily Millichip X Marcella collection featuring the designer’s brave and vibrant use of colour which are perfect for summer; which it now is despite the fact I still have my heating on although I think-hope even- this is all about to change.
In fact it looks almost summery out there today as I write so have decided to go and grab some of those rays before they disappear and we find ourselves in the deep, dark, ongoing winter-or five more years of Tory rule which is much the same thing- once again!

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