Based on Glaswegian Ewan Morrison’s novel-he also wrote the screenplay- and set in Glasgow itself ‘Swung’ explores the world of swinging as a couple who in trying to save their relationship embark on a journey into the unknown primarily as a career move for one of them but ultimately as some form of therapy for both of them. Directed by Colin Kennedy and starring Elena Anaya , Owen McDonnell and a scene stealing Elizabeth Mc Govern ‘Swung’ is in turns humorous, sensitive and intelligent whilst dealing with a taboo subject in a refreshing way which is neither judgmental or condescending.
Recently made redundant and separated from his wife who doesn’t trust him spending too much time alone with their daughter David feels frustrated with his lot. Matters aren’t helped any by the fact he is having problems performing in the bedroom with his new lover Alice and this is becoming a bone of contention between them.
Light-heartedly one day he creates a profile on a swingers site but when Alice discovers it she is none too pleased until the next day at work when she discovers that the only way she can keep her job as a women’s magazine writer is if she can come up with an article which will significantly boost circulation. At this juncture she realises swinging is perhaps the subject matter which could do this do this and thus save her job.
Realising that in order for the article to have any potency then she will have to garner some experiences of her own as well as talk to someone who is well practised and has knowledge of the scene. Reluctantly David agrees to accompany her on these excursions into the seemingly nether world of swinging and the scenarios they find themselves in seem to help them rediscover their own sexuality but it also causes other conflicts within their relationship.
There are many strong performances in this film but it is the chemistry between the two leading actors Mc Donnell and Anaya which really pulls it together. Elizabeth Mc Govern gives an over the top performance which only prevents itself from being too cloying by not making an entry until late on in the film where it works by livening matters up a little. All in all the whole film is well thought out and cleverly observed even if the ending feels a little forced and overly optimistic in comparison to what has gone before.

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