This fast paced and introspective comedy is perfectly pitched for its lunchtime time slot. Essentially a two hander between the writer of the work Andrew Hollingworth and Oriana Charles who break the fourth wall to inform the audience of their characters inner thoughts whilst saying something completely different to each other. This is an effective tool which not only highlights the comedic aspects but also draws attention to the more serious issues at hand.
Focussing on a series of events which Ian (Holligworth) thinks are fate but the more reluctant and introspective Eliana (Charles) considers a series of unfortunate accidents the tale revolves around a car crash-the bump of the title- which leads to a hilariously scripted and choreographed sexual encounter. Although Eliana considers this to be a one off Ian has more serious intents and against her better judgment the couple start dating on a more regular basis. However matters take a completely different turn when she finds out after only a few weeks that she has fallen pregnant and the dichotomy between the pair widens even further.
It is at this point that the pace slows down slightly and the couple have to look into themselves and at each other to what it is they actually want. These sequences are as well handled as the quick paced comedy of the drama’s early sequences with no loss of energy.
Part of this work’s success is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome and try and overplay any of its intentions. There is very obvious rapport and chemistry between the two players who handle their roles more than capably and make them both sympathetic and believable. The direction by Michael Woodwood is tight with not a movement wasted nor word surplus to requirements. Bump is an extremely taut, convincing and enjoyable show which manages to deliver on all levels.
Bump is at the Gilded Balloon at 12.15 until the 15th August and at 11.00 thereafter until the 31st.


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