Dead Man’s Cellphone
This production by UCLU Runaground was a valiant attempt at trying to distinguish how technology impacts upon human interaction after a man is found dead in an empty café with only an incessantly ringing mobile for company. It is an ambitious project for such a young company and although there are several very good performances-the actor playing Gordon, the dead man with the phone, was outstanding and in a league of his own- the whole thing never really hangs together coherently enough for it to be fully realised.
There are a variety of accents on show here including a very Nyoo Yoik twang, a Parisian purr and a Texan drawl but I found them all to be a little superfluous and distracting. There was also a sense that in some ways the cast was a little too young for the material and characters they were portraying.
It was not all bad however as stated before most of the performers were more than capable and there were some moments of light humour to keep the ball of momentum spinning. However it also felt overly long and could maybe have benefited from some stringent editing as there were at least two occasions I thought it had ended only for another section to start. Despite this it did have some good moments and a certain enthusiastic approach which is always encouraging.
Dead Man’s Cell Phone is at Underbelly every day at 12.25 until the 23rd August

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