This impressive piece of dance and physical theatre from Czech company Cirk La Putyka examines the link between our childhood toys-dolls, teddy bears and wooden soldiers- and how they shape our fantasies.
Beginning with a gentle freeform, fluid dance routine which insidiously insinuates its way into something more vibrant before shifting into some extremely beautiful, and languorous trapeze work which becomes more and more frenzied before slowing down into something more languorous again.
The five performers all take a turn showing off different skills and the interaction between them is always spot on and obviously requires a lot of trust as some of the stunts are very dangerous although totally enthralling to watch.
Directed by Rostislav Novak and choreographed by Josef Frucek and Linda Kapatanea and accompanied by an original soundtrack Dolls is a welcome return to the Fringe for this company who made such a great impression when they last performed here in 2011. Of course physical theatre has become a stronger force since those days but Cirk La Putyka still ranks amongst the best of this highly skilled and exciting genre.
Dolls is showing at Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows until August 31st(not 12th, 18th or 24th) at 3.25pm

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