Check Point 22
Set at a security point at Glastonbury Check Point 22 tells the tale of two friends Dave and Joel who have just left University and need to be doing the job as a means of recuperating the deposit they lost after wrecking their student flat and to set themselves up together in a new one in London. The banter between the two is typical young blokey banter but there is obviously a great deal of affection and competitiveness between the two which raises its head throughout the play’s duration not least when Joel keeps insisting that he is Dave’s boss in their temporary employment even though this is far from the truth.
The drama revolves around the fact that Dave is desperate to enjoy the Glastonbury experience as something other than a means to recoup their financial losses which means indulging in the rock and roll pursuits of sex and drugs whilst Joel tries constantly to pull rank and try to get through the week and have some money at the end of it. There is the usual young male braggadocio which goes with these situations and there is reveal from one of the characters which necessitates a major shift in their combined plans.
‘Check Point 22’ is a pleasant piece of drama which shows off the talents of its two young actors Joel Ormsby and David Ellis who both also wrote and directed the piece. Both actors show great promise and whilst the ideas and its execution are not wholly original they are not without merit. Certainly ones to watch!
Check Point 22 is on at Underbelly until 30th August at 2.20 daily

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