Doris, Dolly and the Dressing Room Divas
This show directed by Morag Fullerton and starring Gail Watson, Clare Waugh, Frances Thorburn and with musical direction by Hilary Brooks is an entertaining camp bit of froth focussing on the backstage bitching, musings and swapping of salacious tales by three make up girls as they slip into seamless impersonations of their subject matter –no prizes for guessing the Doris and Dolly of the title: Day and Parton respectively. Although the production is slightly twee for my tastes I can’t actually fault it and found a smile crawling onto my face and resting there for most of the show’s duration.
The divas in question include mother and daughter Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli- who apart from having outstanding vocal prowess also share the same trait as Garland’s mother for marrying gay men- Doris Day , Dolly Parton and a particularly ribald Julie Andrews who with use of profanities attempts to lose her goody two shoes, homelier than apple pie , whiter than white image in as short a time as is possible.
The Andrews section was the one which sent the audience around me into paroxysms of laughter that I thought at one point was going to bring on a mass stroke and paramedics would have to be called in.The point she used the F word was bad enough but when the C word was bawled out I feared a few Tena Ladies had their work cut out for them and actually raised my feet in case my shoes got wet.
The performances in this show are flawless and although it is not really to my tastes I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a camp laugh which doesn’t really break any boundaries, cut any edges or push any envelopes then it is a great night out. The music of course is excellent, ‘Que Sera, Sera’, ‘Jolene’, ‘Maybe This Time’ and ‘ Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ are just some of the notable highlights. For these alone it is worth it.
Doris, Dolly and The Dressing Room Divas is on at Assembly Hall at 6.15pm until the 30th August (not the 17th and 24th).

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