Tina C- Her Story
Returning to the Fringe after several years sabbatical Christopher Green returns with his alter ego the exquisitely attired and supremely talented country and western star, Tina C.
A great creation Tina C makes it clear from the outset that this is not a normal show and it is in fact a book launch for her life story, ‘Total and Utter Country’ but as she is such a kind-hearted, altruistic soul she will do a few numbers for her expectant public anyway.
Thus we are entreated to such musical delights as ‘I Made Your Bed’, ‘I Am America’, ‘Tick My Box’ and the universally prophetic ‘I’d Rather be Thin and Unhappy than Fat and in Love’. There was also a false start with another number ‘Shock and Awe’ after a technical hitch which will probably mean that particular technical team will never work in Eh 14 ever again. Meanwhile along the way there was just enough o Yee Ha’s and Hell Yeah’s to remind us that Tina C is the Post Feminist Queen of Nashville. Whatever that means!
‘ Tina C- Her Story’ is only here for a limited run at this years Fringe and if you want to catch it –And I very much suggest you do- then best get in there this weekend. If nothing else it is worth it for the line dancing alone!
Tina C –Her Story is at The Underbelly Topside at 7,30pm until August 17th

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