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The Orchid And The Crow
This one man show by Daniel Tobias is at various times funny, sad, discomforting and affecting. Although it touches on his Judaism to give us some understanding of his psyche-even though he is an aetheist- the real central issue here is his diagnosis of and recovery from testicular cancer whilst emphasising how Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong who had also battled and beat cancer inspired him; this is before he was stripped of his title after eventually admitting to doping scandals that had haunted his reputation for years. Not that this lessens him any in Tobias’ eyes.
Opening innocuously enough with a rock song which would not be out of place at any mid seventies rock concert-some of the musical numbers here were written by other great Fringe act Die Roten Punkte- the tale begins with discussing Daniel’s parents and their faith which is inherently passed onto him. Circumcision on babies is discussed and Daniel’s concern that he had his performed on him at eight days old and in front of a crowd of family and friends. The story is humorous enough and lightens the way before he gets around to the topic of his testicular cancer and then matters take a darker twist.
Interspersed with self composed show-tunes Daniel’s tale unravels before us with all the emotions his diagnosis and treatments incurred: fear, hope, humour, depression and innumerable physical and psychological side effects. Admittedly for me the show-tunes parts of the show didn’t really work as it distracted from the serious issues at hand , I realise that maybe this was the point, but somehow they just didn’t gel.
Aside from this ‘The Orchid and the Crow’ is a worthwhile show which will certainly make you think. The quieter passages were the most effective for me whilst the musical ones seemed superfluous and ineffective.
The Orchid and the Crow is at Assembly Roxy until August 30th (not 24th) at 4.10pm