This new play by Molly Davies is an intriguing offering which is at times eerie and thought-provoking. Set in a near dystopian future where a young girl returns to her rural beginnings from London at a time when the political structure of the whole country is in disorder and separation is a key theme. Unable to find any other employment she finds herself working at a chicken processing plant where the daily grind is perpetuated even more with conversations with her co-workers about such issues as climate change and feudalism
. The tale told in contemporary modern tones at times lapses into more traditional motifs with folk songs and eerie witches. However the witch in question is actually the teenage daughter of a couple who have actually made a life for themselves in this environment much to her disdain. Analogies are made between the chickens on a conveyor belt merely living their lives out until they are ready to be consumed by the human population and how they compare with humans. A joke is made about how some are happy if they are allowed out into the wild at certain points of the day. Much like humans. Over population and a housing crisis are also explored giving it a contemporaneous and relevant feel.
Making great use of the venue- the pop up Roundabout at Summerhall- and an extremely strong cast who treat the material with the respect it deserves Chicken is a
worthwhile addition to this year’s Fringe although it is not always easy to follow what is going on. This however does not detract from its worth as it is always compelling to watch even in its densest moments.
Chicken is at Summerhall until August 30th (not 25th)

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