Just an Observation
I am not sure what has concerned me more this week; the constant and incessant rain or whether David Cameron’s children will struggle, like so many others, to get on the property ladder.
Actually I lied there is only one of these things which concerns me and that is the former-the latter just makes me angry- as the rain and accompanying darkness which has turned our lives into some kind of repetitive and frustrating outtake of ‘Bladerunner’. These however are the luckier ones. The less fortunate are victims of consequential floods which is a very grave concern especially considering the fact the government is refusing to apply for EU funding to help those poor people whose homes and businesses have been ruined lest it shed the EU in a favourable light ahead of the referendum to decide Britain’s future within it. It is good to see a government taking care of its people and not making decisions on a politically beneficial basis. Unfortunately I don’t see that here at the moment.
Anyway I suppose that David Cameron has more to worry about at the moment, what with his concerns that his two children may never make it onto the property ladder. This just makes me concerned just exactly how much he and his repulsive cohort Gideon Osborne intend to fuck up the economy if a multi-millionaire with an impressive property portfolio is worried about his offspring’s future.
Then again his much heralded starter plans project for first time home owners does still put buying a home out of the vast majority of Briton’s reach so maybe his concerns are genuine. However it could all just be big fat lie like everything else that comes out of his mouth. The latter option is probably the most likely.
Elsewhere it is David Bowie’s 69th birthday today and he is celebrating by releasing his 28th album Blackstar. I have only listened to it a couple of times so far but can reveal that it is a truly impressively fascinating work and a worthy addition to a great canon.
A more cohesive and less sprawling effort than his 2013 ‘comeback’ opus The Next Day the new work seems to inhabit a world all of its own with an impressive array of sonically enhanced soundscapes from a new collection of musicians and long-standing trusty collaborator Tony Visconti.
I think one of the most impressive things about this album is that it proves that even this far into his career Bowie is not resting on his laurels or relying on his past legacy, even if he does self-reference it occasionally, but still striving to make something new.
The same cannot be said for his ex-wife Angie however who has been reduced to appearing on the low rent freak-show Celebrity Big Brother. The fact she is still using the name Bowie is interesting as it wasn’t even his real name to begin with and she has been married several times since they divorced.
Mind you I suppose the name is about the only thing she has left to sell as she did very badly out of their divorce and their son, film director Duncan Jones, will have absolutely nothing to do with her. It is sad circumstances for a woman who contributed so much to one of the all time great rock and roll success stories but one senses she has brought most of it on herself,
Bowie once memorably referred to her as ‘like living with a blowtorch’ and my curiosity piqued me into watching about fifteen minutes of CBB-as those in the know refer to it- where she allowed her robust and highly strung confrontational aggression to emerge without too much provocation thus giving his remark some credence. Then again those circumstances and those housemates would probably induce me to kill someone so maybe I am being overly judgemental.
Anyway Happy Birthday David!
Out at the cinema today is the new Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight starring the wonderful Samuel L. Jackson in a western themed extravaganza. Whether you love or hate Tarantino his movies always feel like an event and are usually worth seeing even if only out of curiosity. I am on my way to see it this afternoon so will post a review soon after.
Ending on a positive note Spring is round the corner and although it is likely to get colder in the next few weeks this hopefully will usher in some drier weather thus taking us out of this dank, gloomy permanence the constant rain has imposed on us!

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