Just an Observation

The news of the tragic death of David Bowie has overshadowed all other news this week and whilst the after effects of his demise have yet to sink in properly it would seem that even in handling his own death he has been an inspiration to his legions of fans and everyone else for that matter.
Here was a man who eighteen months ago was diagnosed with cancer and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for himself and wallowing in self pity he set out to work on a final album as well as involving himself in a stage show based on his music; a relentless work schedule for any artist but for one with terminal cancer it shows a drive which sets him apart from mere mortals. Ultimately he presented his death as art, a final swansong in an unpredictable and always fascinating career.
Even his cremation was handled with characteristic dignity; away from the glare of the media with no fuss, friends or even family present. How the current generation of superstars could learn from him as he was classy, private and possessed dignity until the end.
Dignity is certainly a word which would appear to be anathema to the current collection of rabid scum who currently inhabit the Big Brother House. I stopped watching this programme years ago as it was degenerating into a Saturday night street brawl set up by its producers but my curiosity was piqued by the fact Angie Bowie was on it this year.
At this point I must admit I was morbidly tempted to watch it to see her reaction to her former husband’s death but somehow I missed this episode. I did however tune into watch it the next night and was quite horrified by what I saw.
What confuses me more is that some people I know- in some cases people I consider as possessing some intelligence and integrity- consider this to be entertainment. I am totally unclear what is entertaining about watching people of limited intelligence squabbling and screeching about essentially nothing!
Surely there are other options to entertaining yourself other than encouraging this kind of moronic behaviour by boosting its viewing figures. I was so disgusted and infuriated by what I saw that about three quarters of the way through the programme I switched the TV off and then unplugged it completely and put it in a box in the corner of my living room where it will stay until I decide I can watch TV again.
Admittedly it has only been two days since I did this but already I feel a sense of liberation and have spent the last two evenings doing far more constructive things than watching a bunch of non-entities screaming abuse at each other. I mean I would cross the road to avoid these people so why on earth would I have them in my living room?
Of course I will watch TV again but it will probably take the return of either ‘The Fall’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘Line of Duty’ before I give it a permanent place in my living space again.
January is actually quite a good month to forfeit watching TV as there it coincides with the release of a few new movies. Already this year Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is well worth catching and out today is the Leonardo Decaprio and Tom Hardy vehicle The Revenant which has garnered favourable early reports.
There is also the option of listening to music. I mean really listening not just putting it on in the background, or listening to it on the bus or in the street as a minor distraction but actually sitting down and listening to the work which has gone into it. Surely this has to be better than watching a trouble-making reject from TOWIE arguing with some squawking American you have never heard of before or some tattooed ‘model’ flirting’ with some sacked Hollyoaks scrubber who then acts all contrite about her behaviour when she realises, or remembers, it is all on camera. Maybe it is time to remember that as long as you keep tuning into this garbage then you are feeding the viewing figures which guarantee its continuing rather than forcing the schedulers to replace it with something more worthwhile. Just a thought!

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