Just an Observation
Well the rain seems to have been on a brief hiatus this week and although suicide skies-incessant grey- are no indicator of spring being just around the corner then the stretching out of the days, early morning chirping of the birds and lighter mornings are. Unfortunately Edinburgh doesn’t seem to have woken up from its sleepy hibernation and its once burgeoning social scene seems to have hit a temporary cul-de-sac.
This is bad news of course for any potential rapist as self-appointed ‘neomasculinist’ Daryush Valizadeh aka Roosh V has decided to cancel his Scottish visit, ridiculously named The Return of Kings, amid fears for the safety of his followers. The irony of such a situation hasn’t escaped me as it would seem that it is not the fact that he is promoting rape in a rhetoric which claims that if sex without consent happens in a private place or private property then it is essentially not rape at all but the fact those who support his beliefs may be in danger.
I am sorry if I am confused by this as I am by all of Roosh V’s proclamations which seem to just signify a total disregard for the female species in its entirety and wants to force them into a position of subjugation whilst claiming that this is what feminism has done to men. Surely this is a simply preposterous idea and one which has no foundation or support in this country.
Or does it?
Fortunately- or perhaps unfortunately- we will never know as due to the cancellation of this weekend’s organised meetings the participants have either been forced to abandon their plans or take them further underground; although buried deep underground is not underground enough for me and I hope that any plans to reschedule this preposterous idea will be met with a total rebuttal from local councils.
Much as I care about issues such as this and appreciate that social media played a significant part in the playing out of subsequent events unfortunately I am starting to care less and less with every new issue, petition or cause which surfaces almost every ten minutes on Facebook or other social media.
Whilst I am glad that I know so many people with a conscience and care so passionately about things which affect us all; this is a good thing! However what is not such a good thing is the incessant battering my sensibilities seem to take every time I check my news-feed.
I care as much as the next person- or at least I am trying to- and I know most of these issues come from a good place but sometimes I feel there are certain individuals who if they didn’t have a cause to shove down our throats and onto our timelines then would simply knit one to fill the void. Yes, I care but like so many others I have lots of personal stuff going on but don’t feel the need to share and when I go onto social media, such as Facebook, I want to find out how people are and not just be confronted by cause after cause after cause.
I seem to spend so much time with people who care these days that when I am in their company they care more about what is going on in social media that they spend most of their times engaging with their phones rather than with the person sitting next to them. That is caring overload…or maybe it is just ignorance. Who knows? What I do know however is there is little enough sunshine in the world at the moment so come on people let’s lighten up a little. Please!
On a more positive note this weekend does however see the return of the ever popular Lux Lives event. Focussing on the music of The Cramps as performed by a proliferation of local- and some not so local- performers and a change of location as proceedings move to The Leith Franklin Cricket Club, this night is always a guaranteed winner. This year’s line up includes Geek Maggot Bingo, Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits, The Phlegm, Crampona not Glue, Sterling Roswell and a whole host of others. Best to get there early however- doors open at 7- as this night always fills up and sells out pretty damn quick.
Looking ahead to later in the spring and Brian Wilson doing the legendary ‘Pet Sounds’ album at The Usher Hall is definitely one to look out for as is the fantastic Julia Holter at Summerhall at the end of this month.
Out at the cinema the big draws remain much the same with The Hateful Eight probably the most enjoyable and entertaining of the bunch. If anyone has any intentions of seeing The Revenant then my only advice is don’t. I really hate being harsh about a film but I only lasted about forty minutes before walking out- if truth be told I wanted to leave about twenty minutes in.
Unintelligible dialogue, gruesome scenes and sheer desolation just left me feeling physically and mentally depressed. I am unsure why it is up for so many Oscars unless it is in recognition of the endurance test the actors and crew put themselves through in its making. Unfortunately I don’t believe a film should make its audience feel as if they have been through an endurance test of their own simply by going to the cinema and sitting through it. One to avoid at all costs in my opinion although the cinematography and scenery are simply stunning.
Out new at the cinema this weekend is Trumbo which focuses on the so-called Hollywood ten who found themselves blacklisted for refusing to name names in the communist witch-hunt which took place in post-war America. Definitely on my to do list over the weekend a review will follow once viewed. Apart from that I am just looking for a lot less rain, a little more sunshine and the glorious news that the X-Factor’s days are apparently numbered.

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