Just an Observation
There has been much outcry over the last few weeks about the Government’s intention to cut disability benefits. Whilst this is shocking news and hard to fathom from a supposed caring society where we are apparently ‘All in it together’ it can surely come as little surprise considering anyone who knows the Tories know that the only thing they really care about is themselves. What is a little more surprising though is just how blatantly they are going about this.
So in the week that they decide to reduce disability benefits by up to £30 a week from the most needy and vulnerable section of society they also introduce tax cuts to wealthier households thus meaning the poorest households will on average be £460 a year worse off whilst the richest are £670 better off. I struggle to see the logic in this and how anyone can find this fair.
Then again it always comes around to the question I always ask; who actually voted for these people? No-one I know it would seem. This is perhaps the only good thing about the sordid debacle but it still worries me that there are people out there who may think this fair and continue to vote for those who implement these policies.
Elsewhere the son of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, Joe Corre, has announced this week he is burning his inherited punk memorabilia collection valued at £5 million as a protest at punk being co-opted by the establishment. Am I wrong in thinking that perhaps punk was co-opted by the establishment almost as soon as it began and particularly when the Sex Pistols originally signed to EMI in 1976. Everything gets co-opted by the establishment to some extent eventually as that is the only way things can grow thus expanding themselves in order to make others more aware. There is little point in having a message unless you want it to spread.
Yes, I agree with him that the Queen giving her blessing to punk’s 40th anniversary is a total joke but then again is it really that important? Anyone who was inspired forty years ago to grasp the opportunities the punk umbrella offered them at the time cared little for what the monarch had to say about anything then and I am assuming that very many of them care even less now.
Unfortunately his actions come across as bitter, spiteful and petulant and he has his own fortune from his successful Agent Provocateur business to cushion any financial loss. Obviously spite and bitterness run through the family veins as this is almost as wilful as when shortly before his death Mclaren cut him out of his will despite being his only child.
Surely there are better and more rewarding things he could do with this collection such as donate it to a worthwhile charity. There are plenty out there who would welcome this kind of help and if the establishment is what he is against then what about helping those who are adversely affected by the recent cuts imposed by the establishment he claims to despise so much?
Someone needs to remind Corre of a similar stunt The KLF pulled back in the nineties when they burnt a million pounds as some sort of art statement. Most people had forgotten about it half an hour later and it didn’t even receive anywhere near the level of attention they hoped it would to begin with. Also they both admit to regretting their actions now and believe the money could have been put to some use rather than a futile exercise which benefited no-one.
On the subject of helping those less fortunate than ourselves let me draw your attention to a couple of gigs in aid of helping the Syrian refugees taking place in Edinburgh over the next couple of weeks with possibly more to follow soon. First up is Geek Maggot Bingo, The Fnords and Andy Brown at the great new bar and venue The Leith Depot on Leith Walk this Saturday 19th March at 7.30pm. This is followed by Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits, Temple of the Dead, Moth and Norman Silver and the Gold the following Friday 25th March.
So instead of burning your punk collections get yourselves along to The Leith Depot this weekend and the next one- making Good Friday a Great Friday- as both nights aim to be brilliant nights with a fabulous crowd. Certainly it will be a worthwhile night for a worthwhile cause so why not salve your conscience whilst at the same time treating yourselves to a night out at the same time thus making everyone a winner in some way. Makes perfect sense to me!

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