Just an Observation
Now that we are well into spring-although it would appear that the person in charge of the weather hasn’t received the memo yet- things seem to be brightening up and after a long and very, very wet and dreich winter which seemed to be clouded in perpetual darkness and miserable faces everywhere it would seem that longer days and more daylight are definitely providing something to smile about.
Mind you some of my smiling is definitely of a smug nature due to the implosion of our current government which seems to garner strength almost on a weekly basis. This week’s revealing of tax dodging offshore accounts set up by David Cameron’s father in Panama is just the latest revelation to rock the foundations of the Tories who seem to be a party very much at war with themselves.
Then again after picking on various sections of society-junior doctors, the disabled, the poor, the vulnerable and, well you get it, the list goes on- at some point they would have to turn their invective on each other. Things really started to unravel when Iain Duncan Smith allegedly acquired a conscience and resigned in a barrage of attacks on George Osborne, who has surely used up all of his nine lives several times over by now, and now the latest revelations of tax scandals which our always reliable and honest PM insists is a private matter.
Perhaps Jimmy Carr should have used this line when the same accusations were levelled at him a few years ago. He is the professional comedian after all and if David Cameron expects us to believe that he has in no way profited from his late father’s investments then he too is seriously having a laugh!
Away from politics however and the amateur dramatics of the Bullingdon Old Boys Club and the excitement being ratcheted up on a weekly basis by Jed Mercurio and the third series of ‘Line of Duty’.
Definitely the best British drama on offer over recent years give or take a ‘Peaky Blinders’ or’ The Fall’. The way this tale unfolds and reveals complex layers you hadn’t previously imagined while characters seem to shift from villain to victim in the blink of an eye and then back again without a moment’s hesitation is constantly gripping.
I am so pleased I watched this from its inception and even the ghosts of series one are still ringing loud and clear.
The new series has taken things to new levels of corruption and it is intriguing to watch DI Cottan , creepily and effectively played by Matthew Parkinson, try to divert all the attention away from himself by abusing all his powers within the anti-corruption squad. Three episodes into the series and it is still unclear who the real villain of the piece is although the look on Cottan’s face and his incessant. ringing burner phones at the denouement of last night’s episode indicate it might be his story which is about to be told. This may all change within the opening minutes of next week’s episode and in all likelihood it will.
Tonight also sees the return of Edinburgh’s glammest darlings The Trama Dolls after a hiatus away from the scene. Opening for Dave Graney and The Mistly and the ever talented Malcolm Ross at The Voodoo Rooms the whole evening looks like being a worthwhile night. Certainly live music looks to be on the up at the moment with gigs by The Nightingales, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Boots For Dancing and more Trama Dolls to be announced all happening in the next few weeks. There is also an intriguing house gig by Natalie Mc Cool and the legendary Brian Wilson doing Pet Sounds to fit into an already bursting diary.
Must admit I was very disappointed not to get tickets to see the Brian Eno lecture in May.However suspicions linger that very few of the 500 tickets on offer were actually available to the public.
I, along with many others, applied online at exactly 10 o’clock on the morning they were released and was immediately put on a waiting list. I am not alone in thinking that a certain amount of favouritism and nepotism was at work here and that the event organised by Edinburgh College of Art was unfairly ticketed in their favour and the favour of their friends and acquaintances.
I am trying to console myself with the fact I saw him about three years ago in an even more intimate setting and the fact that he is quite boring these days what with his work with Coldplay and that. David Bowie would never have worked with such a boring set of musicians and did indeed turn them down when they approached him to do just that!
Anyway the weekend starts here and after tonight’s gig at the Voodoo Rooms I am off to a reunion party at the aforementioned Edinburgh College of Art and meeting up with a few friends who were major players on the scene at a very important time in the developing club and arts scene which still has relevance today decades after the event!

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