Just an Observation
In a rare instance of synchronicity the sun seems to be shining as festival season gets underway. The lack of rain, gusting winds and even flooding-The Meadows four years ago- means that some pleasure may actually be derived from these yearly occurrences which generally become some sort of endurance test.
So with the Hidden Door Festival in King Stables Road already underway-it actually finishes tomorrow June 4th- and the outlook seemingly favourable for The Meadows Festival over the weekend we can only hope that the weather holds up for The Leith Festival next weekend which will take us neatly into the Film Festival which doesn’t necessarily require sunshine to make it successful but, believe me, it makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable.
Of course the usual grey skies, rain, wind and general dullness will no doubt be in place for the Fringe in August but for the moment let’s just be thankful for the pleasant weather which after a particularly long and dark winter is most welcome.
In fact I am surprised there hasn’t been any scaremongering over the weather in the run up to the EU referendum in a few weeks. Every other dirty trick has been pulled out of the bag and I am sad to say by both the Brexit and Stay campaigns. Unfortunately rather than clarifying for those who are still undecided this has merely served to cause more confusion.
Personally I can’t imagine anything worse than being an isolated island at the mercy of Tory rule with little opposition- which at the moment is exactly how things stand- and any party which wants to do away with the Human Rights Bill is a scary proposition indeed ; it certainly is not much of a step forward.
With the referendum now a mere three weeks away it would seem many are still unclear how they should vote due to all the aforementioned scaremongering and political rhetoric. it is little co-incidence therefore that I have almost abandoned watching the news due to the disbelief combined with annoyance that it registers in me. Perhaps this is the desired effect though, as discouraging people from voting seems to gain as many votes as encouraging them to do so. An extremely frustrating situation which reveals our political system to be totally manipulative and corrupt!
Tragically a twelve-year-old Gorilla had to be shot at a zoo in Cincinatti this week after a three-year old child escaped his parents care and found his way into the Gorilla’s enclosure. Typically, as is symptomatic of our times, the child’s parents and the zoo have both undergone the expected trial by social media that now accompanies every newsworthy event. It would seem that being allowed to vocalise opinions has now led to so many more opinionated people having a very public platform to vocalise them.
The child’s parents have undergone the most criticism so far with people maintaining they did not have their child under stringent enough care.
However I know from personal experiences that a child of two to three years old usually has a sense of adventure, daring, newly found confidence and lightning speed that would perplex and tire even the most protective and ardently attentive parent or guardian.
Unfortunately the split second decision to kill the Gorilla will ultimately be seen as the only option as the child was in grave danger no matter how many protest this. As for his parents none of us are armed with the full facts so hurling accusations is a little unfair and unless neglect can be proven then it is judgment for judgment’s sake. Whatever their position I do not believe that there was not a moment where they were not terrified for their child’s predicament and the guilt they feel and would have felt even more strongly if serious harm had come to him is very real indeed.
Perhaps it is time to question the need for zoos and whether it is fair or even necessary in this day and age to keep animals in captivity to be gawped at.
Also on trial by social media this week are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the claims of domestic abuse that have been levelled at Depp by Heard.
Again none of us are armed with all the facts and at the moment it seems to be a case of his fans versus hers- in which he vastly outnumbers her as she doesn’t seem to possess too many. Claims of gold digging and fabricating abuse stories in order to squeeze a bigger divorce settlement are rife and Depp’s former partner and daughter have been extremely quick to rush to his defence. However this ultimately proves nothing as each situation is different but it would prove disappointing if Heard’s claims turn out to be true although at the moment I am not entirely convinced.
Anyway the sun is shining so best get out there while the good weather continues!

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