Just An Observation
With just under two weeks until the EU referendum it would seem there is at the present time no clear winner according to any opinion poll. I actually missed the big debate last night and my Twitter and Facebook both sent mixed messages as to who had actually come out of it the victor although the Remain campaign seemingly had the ethical edge.
It is a sign of the modern times that people such as Boris Johnson and his American counterpart and lookalike Donald Trump – I think their hairpieces have more than a dry cleaner in common- have gone from being joke figures to very serious threats. It would have seemed improbable five years ago that the possibility of Johnson as Prime Minister could ever be a reality, yet here we are with a referendum looming and if the result swings in his favour then it could very possibly secure him that very role.
It goes to prove you should never underestimate the wolf in sheep’s clothing or in Boris’s case the calculated fascist with egocentric ideologies dressed up as buffoon. It is this very buffoonery which I find the most chilling aspect of Johnson as it is misleading in that the jokey caricature masks just how dangerous a man he really is. What is even more concerning is that his façade has taken in a vast section of the public who cannot fathom how such a ‘lovable’ and shambolic character could ever harbour malicious intent. Unfortunately it does!
Like Trump across the pond- another candidate for the most politically powerful role in his country- Johnson has moved very swiftly from sidelined caricature to very dangerous person with consummate ease and it would be farcical if he was allowed to realise his ambitions fully but as disappointment follows disappointment in British politics it is perhaps best to fear the worst and at least be prepared for it.
On a lighter note the Edinburgh International Film Festival rolls into town next week and although I haven’t had a chance yet to have an in-depth look at the programme I have a few interesting films already earmarked for viewing and review so watch out for any must see- or even possibly must avoid- recommendations.
A very definite must see at the moment is the Surreal Encounters exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art. From Dali to Magritte to Duchamp to Mae West Lips as Sofa and Lobster Telephones this very extensive look at this particular tableau of art is probably the most complete this gallery has yet put on. It runs until September 11th so there is no excuse for missing it during its duration.
This weekend is also the Leith Gala day down on the Links and it looks like the weather may actually hold up for it. A definite highlight will definitely be the re-energised Boots For Dancing who are taking to the stage at around 4pm and along with The Shebang gals dancing outdoors in actual and natural daylight may become a viable option.
Last night saw the Peaky Blinders phenomenon reach its series 3 finale climax with a tense ending which paves the way for series 4 opening up a whole new set of possibilities for the now legendary Shelby clan.
I must admit it has been with some trepidation that I have watched the bandwagon surrounding this programme grow as the latest series progressed with new converts announcing their newly acquired devotion on social media as if it is their own personal discovery and achievement. Yes it is exceptional TV but let’s keep things in perspective and think about how many people will actually suit that shaved haircut the male members of the gang sport and also remember that tweed is by and large for landed gentry on their country estates and spinsters of the Miss Marple ilk.
However I suspect we should prepare ourselves for the fact that the streets will soon be crowded out with hipster types sporting this very garb without the cheekbones, eyes, lips or even a tenth of the charisma Cillian Murphy sports. Helen McCrory as Polly Shelby has been this season’s winning icon in the fashion stakes anyway!
And if any of you are considering the Peaky Blinders look as your next fashion statement just remember the tweeds and cloth cap look are very likely what Boris Johnson wears on his country estates. If that doesn’t make you reconsider this as a fashion look then you have been lost in a fashion and style void!

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