Adult Life Skills
This offbeat comedy drama is probably the most enjoyable film I have seen thus far at this year’s EIFF. Both funny and moving in equal measure it crosses the divide between comedy and drama successfully in a way others can only dream about. Written and directed by Rachel Tunnard and a top-notch cast including Jodie Whittaker, Brett Goldstein, Lorraine Ashbourne at the helm but buoyed up by an equally strong supporting cast including promising young newcomer Ozzy Meyers as Clint a troubled young boy that the film’s central protagonist Anna (Whittaker) bonds with in an unlikely alliance.
Unable to cope with her twin brother’s death Anna has retreated into her mother’s garden shed which she now inhabits and spends her time making videos with her thumbs as imaginary characters who articulate her inner turmoil. Refusing to engage with the real world this retreat into a fantasy life causes friction with her mother who is close to the end of her tether.
The return of old friend Fiona briefly restores some of her old persona but eventually even this starts to pall for her while the attentions of the handsome and kindhearted Brendan(Brett Goldstein) also have little effect on her moribund nature.
Assigned the task of keeping an eye on troubled youngster Clint, whose mother is terminally ill, at the child-minding group she works at initially seems as fruitless a relationship as any other she has but over time and getting to realise how she is not alone in feeling troubled an unlikely bond is formed which helps to bring her out of her apathy and able to reconnect with the outer world again.
At times funny and at others sensitive Adult Life Skills cleverly negotiates its way through the divide with clarity, insight and sensitivity. Never does it feel mawkish or forced and the central character is frustrating and sympathetic in equal measures. Definitely a success story for EIFF Adult Life Skills is definitely worth catching.
Adult Life Skills is at Cineworld on Saturday June 18th at 20.45 and again at Cineworld on Sunday June 19th at 15.30

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