Just an Observation
Wow! What a week!
Have stayed away from writing about the shock result of last week’s European Referendum as emotions –mine included- were riding so high and was waiting for a bit of clarity after the dust had settled..
Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case, far from it actually, and a full week later things are no nearer to being resolved satisfactorily- which ever way you voted- and the country is in an even worse state of turmoil than ever. In fact I would go as far as to say it is in its worst state of turmoil it has ever been in during my lifetime. Never have divisions been more apparent and never have so many people been as clueless as to which direction we are heading in; unfortunately this applies as much to those who are supposed to be directing us as it does to the general public.
It’s a mess!
It is ridiculous that such a large percentage of the populace waited until after they had voted to find out what the plan was for after a leave vote had been attained. It is beyond shocking that the top two Google searches immediately following the vote were ‘What is the EU?’ and ‘What will happen to the UK if it leaves the EU?’ Surely a bit of research beforehand would have been the sensible thing.
Then again what sense can be made of the whole shambles, including the result?
Since last Friday morning when shock, despair and disbelief set in, matters seem only to have gone from bad to worse with everyone blaming someone else.
Young people blaming old people for ruining their future- the highest age group voting Leave were the over 55’s- when the percentage of young people bothering to actually vote itself was extremely low. I have continuously mentioned an apathy, complacency and a sense of entitlement amongst young people on several occasions and now by not even bothering to vote on their own future they are entitled to lot less than they were just over a week ago. Blaming it on the older generation is unfair and complacent in itself!
Poor people blame the rich people with their private schooling and advantaged lifestyles. Rich people blame the poor people who are uneducated , unable to find jobs and therefore draining the welfare system.
Racists and bigots blame the immigrants while racist related hate crimes are on the rise; it seems as if what was until recently thinly veiled xenophobia has now dropped its veil and is clearly out in the open and viciously exposed.
Meanwhile both the Tory and Labour parties are in disarray and squabbling whilst jousting amongst them selves rather than reassuring a troubled nation which is in need of some guidance.
From where I am standing the person responsible for the whole debacle is David Cameron who needlessly called the referendum in an arrogant attempt to silence the Euro-sceptics in his own party. The whole thing then sensationally backfired and on losing the public’s support he then backtracked and resigned when the result didn’t go his way.
It then didn’t take even the bumbling buffoon that is Boris Johnson too long to work out that as his natural successor-having led the Leave campaign to their result, I stop short of calling it a victory- that he had basically stuffed his own chances at being Prime Minister as he was merely being handed a poisoned chalice.
In fact the whole thing has been like an Old Etonian version of Truth or Dare –with the Truth part omitted obviously- with the country’s future as its stake.
Only Nicola Sturgeon seemed to have had any plan following the shock result and Scotland-along with Northern Ireland- are making plans regarding their own future. Sturgeon is the only leading British politician who has shown any integrity in this debacle and it looks as if another Independence Referendum is now on the cards.
Mind you I feel that we are on a constant loop of referendums, protests and voting these days.
All this turmoil is so distressing when all I want is for life to be Absolutely Fabulous! As if on cue the film of that very name is released today with a vague intention of cheering us up. Initial reviews have been a little guarded in their praise-although more favourable than expected but that is probably down to the prodigious amounts of free ‘Bolly’ being poured down reviewers throats at screenings than anything- but to be honest anything is better than the comedy of errors, or tragedy, that is British politics and politicians at this very moment in time.

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