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Teatro Delusio
Teatro Delusio is essentially a theatre within a theatre and the experiences of technicians and backstage operatives performed by the extremely talented Familie Floz. It is a show with no words –although musical accompaniments by the likes of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov amongst others provide an intelligent and atmospheric dialogue of their own- and twenty nine characters portrayed by three actors with only the use of exquisitely crafted, occasionally spooky, masks and lightning quick costume changes.
The narrative hinges around backstage life in the theatre where technicians play practical jokes on each other and dangers the audience are blissfully unaware of lurk in every situation; props, lighting rigs, construction and electricity all conspire to create hidden dangers.
Moving along at its own pace this is a very confident production which is aware that skill and craft are important tools in creating an ambience and are just as effective as big bang effects.
The three actors certainly have their work cut out for them and it often seems unbelievable that there only three of them as they manage to inhabit and portray different characters at lightning speed. The masks adorning their heads are exquisite and expressive but also, as mentioned before, at times a little spooky.
However the show does drag a little towards the end – it is one hour and fifteen minutes long- and I sensed restlessness within the audience around the fifty minute mark thus making the last fifteen minutes superfluous. It is also a show which might not appeal to everyone –although it was a sell out on the day I attended- as its slow pace might not be what everyone is looking for at this early hour of the day and the promise of so much hustle and bustle on the streets. Personally I found it to be an oasis of calm and a welcome relief from the manic activity out there on the streets.
Teatro Delusio is at The Pleasance Grand until August 29th at 13.45 daily