Closer By Circa
After returning to last year’s Fringe with a stripped back show ‘Close Up’ following huge success with more extravagant outings in previous years Circa return this year with an even more stripped back show than their stripped back one. The sense is that they have taken it all back to basics and simplicity but they have lost none of their verve or capacity to enthrall by doing so.
For those previously impressed by the sheer chutzpah and hyper-tense nature of their performances will not be disappointed whilst for those who are seeing this formidable troupe for the first time will be suitably impressed.
There is such fluidity in this show that it is hard to believe that the main point of reference is the human body and just what it is capable of at its physical peak. Ropes, trapezes and even what seems like a tower constructed of Ikea chairs are the minimal props which heighten the audience’s senses and create a palpable tension.
It is all brilliantly soundtracked with the likes of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’ The Velvet Underground’s ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ and a chilled out, eerie version of ‘Killing Moon’ the Echo and the Bunnymen classic all providing an undercurrent of tranquility.
Beautiful sequence follows beautiful sequence and each one is as impressive as its predecessor and in its own way. There are none of the usual physical pyrotechnics usually associated with shows such as these and instead the performances hinge on skill and the amazing amount of trust the performers must enlist in each other.
A most impressive show which will quietly blow your mind!
Closer is at Underbelly George Square at 18.55 daily (not 15th or 23rd)

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