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Back Of The Bus
Whilst a dance show on a moving bus may seem like a novel idea for the Edinburgh Fringe, for many attempting to get around town at this time of year a bus that moves at all is an experience in itself. In fact a bus that moves could actually be Fringe show in the making.
However The Java dance Theatre decided to combine the bus and dance theme and came up with their show ‘Back of the Bus’. I must admit I was curious as to how this would work and just how successful it could be; traffic is notoriously tricky at this time of year and the 4.30 show coincides with rush hour so disaster is always a likelihood, especially for anyone with time constraints.
On the day I went everything went smoothly so obviously the route- along the Meadows and through Tollcross then heading back to George Square- has been well conceived.
The show itself consists of a bus route that is interrupted by a late-comer who makes her way to the top deck in a flurry of panic, scattering crisps, popcorn and other delicacies in a frantic search for her ticket. It is amusing in a mildly charming way but verges a little too close for slapstick for my own personal tastes.
Next up another dancer appears and offers up another zany routine before the bus stops an we are all asked to disembark- luckily it wasn’t raining for a change- and regroup on the Meadows where we are encouraged to form a circle and hold hands. Unfortunately this was all a little too Daisy-Age for me; at times like these I know I should embrace my inner hippy but then I remember I don’t actually have one!
Not being able to get back on the bus quickly enough we make another stop at a treatment centre where we are entreated to some actual serious dance which is far more impressive and what I was really hoping to see all along.
It is then time to board for the last leg of the journey where another skit is performed and again some others found it more hilarious than I did. Some didn’t though!
Whilst I acknowledge that this is a very entertaining show I could not quite fathom out why it was performed on a bus other than to try to be different. The dance routines when they were performed were good enough on their own to not have to resort to such gimmickry. It all felt a little too forced and try hard for my liking and the sequence holding hands in the Meadows was not to my taste at all and felt contrived and a little pointless.
Back of the Bus is on at Assembly at 16.30 and 18.15 daily until August 28th (not 15th).