This very relevant piece of theatre by Charlotte Josephine- who also acts out a variety of different roles- in collaboration with Snuff Box Theatre looks at the controversial topic of revenge porn and the shame an guilt it engenders and what actually motivates such hideous acts.
Alongside Josephine on the stage is the sole other actor Daniel Foxsmith – who also performs various roles- and the tension the two manage to produce is impressively palpable never letting up for a second. The speed perfectly captures how such situations can escalate especially after the clicking of a solitary button on a computer, phone or device can radically alter a person’s life and affect how others see them from then on.
Whilst Foxsmith is impressive in his roles it is Josephine who really seems to get inside her characters with a sinuous intensity and insight. You sense her frustration, her shame and her confusion as to why all this is happening and you feel her strength for coping with it at all.
Definitely a thoughtfully conceive and well paced piece of theatre it never fails to impress and in particular the scene where the two actors run round in circles captures the lightning speed in which it takes to change a life and a life is changed.
The dialogue is crisp, well conceived and perpetually captivating. The director Edward Stambollouian manages to coax outstanding performances and the simple but effective set and well-timed lighting contribute to the action but never distracts from it. An impressive piece of modern theatre!
Blush is on at Underbelly until August 28th at 18.00 daily (not 16th)

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