The Immortal
Whilst this is essentially a conventional piece of theatre it is also an extremely effective and moving one.
When five World War Two airmen are shot down in Holland by Germans they seek shelter in a deserted schoolroom where they try to revive the one injure member of their party. Amidst the hysteria of their plight we soon discover the background stories of each of them and how the war has affected and motivated them. soon after their arrival they a young German girl, fighting for the Resistance, arrives offering help but inevitably her efforts arouse suspicion and mistrust amongst a couple of the airmen.
The tragedy and futility of war is never far from our thoughts and never more so when the jack the lad character ‘Dicky’ Dixon- a stand out performance by Sam St.Clair- whose forced jollity has simultaneously galvanised and irritated the other four, reveals his own personal losses that are the result of the war. It is a particularly moving moment and makes clear how it is the forgotten dead who are the real losers in the horrors of any war; people who give their lives unknowingly and more often than not unwillingly.
Although this is a fairly straight forward piece of theatre there is also a twist at the play’s en which is quite unexpected. All the performances are spot on- the angry and brash American, the working class no-hoper and the upper-class privileged types are all represented- and the play gathers its own momentum and sets its own pace. A very accomplished production!
The Immortal is on daily at 15.00 at Greenside, Infirmary Street until August 27th

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