Just an Observation
Well after a benign first three weeks- discounting the ongoing mystery which still surrounds the death of George Michael- 2017 has really stepped up a notch since Donald Trump’s inauguration last Friday. With women, the LGBT community, the environmentalists, Mexicans and so many others -I could continue on and on- already aggrieved by his actions in the first week of this controversial and much maligned Presidency it looks as of there are stormy and uncharted waters ahead. Petulant Trump would be a more fitting moniker for the man who behaves like a three year old toddler any time he doesn’t get his way.
It would seem unless you are white, male and born of privilege there is not much room for you in Trump’s vision of what will make America great again.
Certainly I can’t see how inciting racial hatred, gender divides and generally pissing off the American public alongside the rest of the world is going to result in a stable term in office but after the strange turn of events of 2016 who can really predict what lies ahead in the future?
One thing that has become clear, outright lying is now acceptable only it is now referred to as ‘alternative facts’.
Keep up people!
Not that things are much better this side of the Atlantic with Brexit still top of the agenda and no-one still sure what it actually means or even what it will mean.
Theresa May is meeting with Trump this weekend and early indications are that she is likely to engage with him in some form of trade deal: after much kowtowing, grovelling and being generally obsequious of course. Not because it is good for the country but because it is one of the few options she has left.
The fact that the British Prime Minister is even willing to engage in any deal with someone who mocks the disabled, has no respect for women and is openly racist simple fills me with dread and indicates how far removed from myself and my circle of friends this government is. It puts me in mind of the Spitting Image scenes lampooning the ‘special relationship’ between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan; only a hundred times worse and actually for real!
Here in Scotland the talk is of another Independence Referendum and whilst I am bored witless with the never-ending cycle of referendums and elections- I feel I have voted more in the last three years than in the previous ten- it would appear that with Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will then it is the only option to protect our own interests and beliefs.
Talking of La La Land- which it feels we are living in with every unfolding news item- can somebody actually explain to me the appeal of that film as I must admit to being so disappointed with it? I find it impossible to fathom why it has been so heavily nominated at the Oscars, not that I put my trust in award ceremonies anyway.
Even though I am quite a fan of Ryan Gosling I actually found his performance rather lacklustre and neither he nor Emma Stone could dance or sing. Certainly not to the standard required to lift such a mundane and boring storyline out of the quagmire of almost average. No No Land was my first post screening impression!
Much more looking forward to the T2 Trainspotting sequel out this weekend and it will be interesting to see how Danny Boyle approaches Irvine Welsh’s characters twenty years on from when we last encountered them. It will also be interesting to see the efforts of several people I know from Edinburgh who were involved in the production thus lending it some local colour and talent rather than simply an outsider perspective as often happens in these situations.
There are some good gigs coming up in the next few weeks, including The Nightingales return at Leith Depot(Feb 16th) and The Pet Shop Boys(22nd) at The Usher Hall. The former was one of my highlights of 2016 and if you haven’t got a ticket yet then I suggest you do as they are selling fast and the venue is not the biggest; hot sweaty and intimate. In fact think very, very hot!
Mind you it may be an idea not to make too many long-term plans with Petulant Trump and Theresa May (or may not) at the helm. Who knows where we will actually be this time next month.

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