Just an Observation

With less than a week to until the General Election it seems as if the Tory victory is not quite as assured as they believed when Theresa May announced it in all her smug arrogance towards the end of April. Relying on sound-bites, not meeting with the electorate and refusing to debate with any of the other party leaders have exposed her as charmless, unreliable, unable to provide a coherent answer to simple but important questions and most pertinently-considering her robotic claims to the contary- weak and unstable.
Perhaps that Tory majority she assumed was hers for the taking is not such a certainty after all.
Certainly Jeremy Corbyn has made huge strides forward in the polls and even the previously hostile press has mellowed somewhat as they recognise his unforeseen popularity with an electorate sick of being lied to by Tories who can no longer be completely ignored whilst his manifesto benefits those other than his rich chums and billionaire businessmen. Mind you if he had just put forth a manifesto saying he didn’t want to punish the poor and disabled whilst robbing the elderly he could have scored a winner.
I simply don’t understand how someone in Cruella May’s position can have messed it up so catastrophically. I must admit however it is almost a pleasure to watch her personal car crash unfold almost daily. But to go from a position of being in the clear lead with a huge majority to being close to being unable to secure a majority of any kind seemed unthinkable only weeks ago.
Her refusal to engage with the public or debate with other leaders has shown an unwillingness and inability as the right person for Brexit negotiations. Watching her attempt a joke- as she did this week in a lame attack on Jeremy Corbyn- showed her to have all the dexterity and skill of a buffalo with a set of knitting needles so how anyone can even think her capable of securing a favourable deal with twenty-seven other countries is beyond reason.
It will be interesting to see how her party turn on her after the election- even if she wins which is still likely- as her whole campaign has been a disaster from start to finish. The Tories are not known for their sympathetic natures or caring beliefs and anything or anyone who threatens their sense of entitlement is usually disposed of pretty swiftly. Here’s hoping!
Meanwhile over in Trumpton after last week’s embarrassing excursion with the NATO leaders where Petulant Trump seemed to insult everyone he came into contact with-even physically pushing them out his way if he deemed it acceptable- this week he takes America out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement in what feels like yet another fit of pique. Really his Presidency feels like one tantrum after another while he stomps his feet and sticks his fingers in his ears unwilling to listen to reason.
My sympathies really do go out to the American people who saw this coming and tried to prevent it but must now feel as if they are living in a hellish nightmare they can’t wake up from.
I am hoping the electorate here are taking note of how badly things can go if a total incompetent is elected. Certainly the polls seem to indicate this to be true but we are all aware just how unreliable polls can actually be.
Staying with a political theme I have been watching the new season of House of Cards this week and must say the script writers have totally nailed it. The current political situation in America- and here to a lesser extent- must feel like less of a nightmare and more of a dream to these people as far as their storyline suggestions go. I can only imagine the storyboard brainstorming sessions where no suggestion can seem more absurd or ridiculous than what is going on out there in the real world. In fact things have become so unrealistic that trying to best the reality is a pretty tough order indeed.
They have risen to the challenge however and both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have upped their game in their roles as the Underwoods and brought an even more malignant, Machiavellian and totally unstoppable element to their characters. I haven’t quite finished the series yet and still have no idea how it will end. Just like real life then.
Dark clouds appear to be gathering outside my windows sos this can only mean one thing; the Meadows Festival is due. On this Saturday and Sunday this perennial favourite is on with its usual diverse collection of stalls and live music. I do hope the weather stays dry as it did last year because when it does this is a highly enjoyable day out. Next week sees the Leith Festival and its Gala Day last year was like something from the Ice Age as I remember shivering my way through some great music sets. This year I am asking-whoever might be in charge of such a thing- for slightly warmer temperatures and possibly some sunshine for both events.
Thank You!

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