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Just an Observation

And all change again!
It would appear that the saying a week is a long time in politics has never held truer than it has over the last eight weeks since Theresa May inflicted the most self-inflicted political wound in recent history by arrogantly calling a snap election to further her already reasonably strong hand into an even stronger one.
Certainly no-one back in April could have predicted the rise in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party which seemed not even likely as a contender and in all probability would be struggling onto the seats they already held.
However when May decided the best way to run a campaign was by not engaging with the public or other leaders or even any contact with anyone that was not hand-picked by her own team she was in trouble. Not that anyone suspected at the beginning just exactly how much trouble but as the weeks rolled on it became clear that she must be regretting her decision to hold this election at all.
The irony of the whole thing is that Scotland by electing more Tory MP’s have in some way strengthened their position in Westminster. How this has happened is beyond belief but although the SNP have held onto 35 seats the question of how they lost so many to their main adversaries is not only staggering but bewildering.
Some level of fault in this must lie in the SNP not having a particularly strong campaign this time around and I think they may have been caught on the hop by the surprise calling of this election when their interests were more set on an Indyref 2 which May had just refused them.
I certainly don’t think they managed to convert as many new voters as in 2015 when they gained all but three of the total seats and complacency may have set in a little riding on that past glory. If May’s intention was to damage the SNP-although they are still the main party in Scotland by a very large margin- then she has to some degree succeeded but ultimately she has damaged herself more.
Thatcher may have left us with the legacy of Thatcherism but May has merely created Mayhem.
At the moment nothing is clear as there is no winner and the country is now more divided than ever. These are indeed unsettling times and no doubt much will have changed again by the time I finish writing this.
Anyway when things are hard it is simply time to face the music and dance and tomorrow is book-ended by tow great gigs –one free, the other not quite so much- when Boots For Dancing open Leith Gala Day at Leith Links at 12.45 and Kraftwerk close it at The Usher Hall. Two excellent bands in one day; Edinburgh, what are you thinking? Admittedly I was a little slow so never managed to get a ticket for Kraftwerk but I did see them in 1981- I even played one of the mini synths they handed around the crowd whilst their ‘robots’ played on stage during Pocket Calculator-and it remains one of the most memorable gigs of my life. I guarantee that everyone going along tomorrow night is in store for the treat of a lifetime,
Also this week the David Lynch protégé Chrysta Bell is playing two gigs at The Voodoo Rooms –Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th- which I will definitely not be missing. Her last visit at this very same venue in 2013 was an acclaimed triumph and with a new album We Dissolve out today this latest gig looks even more enticing. Still tickets left for both nights I believe- I myself am going to the second night on Tuesday- so get yourself along to what alongside Kraftwerk looks like being one of THE gigs of the year!