The Girl who Jumped off the Hollywood Sign

This one woman play both written and acted by Joanne Hariston is a powerful tour de force which captures perfectly the illusion and subsequent disillusion of the golden age of Hollywood, 1949, where in a prescient warning to the wannabe stars of today ‘Celebrity has a short memory’.
Hariston plays Evelyn ‘Evie’ Edwards a budding hopeful starlet who has suffered one rejection and indignity too many and is making a last ditch claim for fame by jumping off the capital H , part of the Hollywood sign, which gazes authoritively over the city of dreams reminding those below of their failures or, in limited cases, their successes. Following in the footsteps of Peg Entwhistle who jumped off the same sign-different letter- twenty odd years previously due to the same lack of success and subsequent humiliation, Evie believes that if she can’t be a star in life then she should make a bid for it in death and even if she fails then at least she won’t have to be reminded of it.
The brutality of the movie industry is picked at like a sore scab as Evie prepares to make that final leap and peppers her thoughts with anecdotes involving Bette Davis,Judy Garland, Jean Harlow and MGM canteen gossip. She shares what led her to Hollywood in the first place and her family background is put in the spotlight also. She tears apart the Hollywood notion of ‘creating’ stars and how removed from the reality of the real person they actually are. It is a fascinating insight into a harsh industry which so many even today wish to enter even though the chances of success are slim if any.
The dialogue is helped along by musical interludes which provide poignancy and nuance while Vince Fusco does an admirable job as director.
Starting at 11.30 The Girl who Jumped off the Hollywood Sign is a prefect way to kick off a day out at The Fringe.
The Girl who jumped off the Hollywood Sign is at Assembly Roxy August 3-28 at 11.30am

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