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This is not Culturally Significant

Stripped naked streaked only in seemingly haphazard white paint enshrouded in darkness with only the starkest of lights revealing his taut, wiry figure Adam Scott- Rowley lays himself bare both physically and emotionally in a densely intense powerful work that is mesmerizing from start to conclusion. A reminder of what the Fringe once was in terms of innovation, inventiveness and new talent.
Right from the outset this show is confrontational as Scott-Rowley, playing with his genitals, acts out the part of female webcam porn star pleasuring herself and on the brink of orgasm in what must surely be one of the bravest starts to a show which lays clear its intentions from the get go.
This is merely the beginning and Scott-Rowley then embarks on a journey into the various twisted psyches of more than ten other characters including a podium dancing ‘on the spectrum’ gay man, a homeless Scottish person, a chain-smoking theatre person, a mischievous lesbian and the threatening and aggressive voyeur of aforementioned porn star. Often switching characters mid-sentence and even on occasion mid-word every syllable of the various dialogues is punctuated with meaning and poignancy. It is a barrage of intentions which never lets up and acts as a constant assault on the senses.
Not one for the faint hearted as it is not always easy to watch but at the same time it is fascinatingly compelling, making it impossible not to. Jarring, distorted, contorted, visceral, emotional, intense, disturbing and ultimately stunningly beautiful, This is not Culturally Significant is an amazing piece of work which will leave you quite exhausted but also exhilarated.
This is not Culturally Significant is on at Gilded Balloon Museum until August 26th at 11.45pm



Paris de Nuit

Taking its inspiration from Brassai’s photographs which documented the decadence, glamour and sex of Paris in the 1930’s, this show by Hungarian troupe Recirquel Company Budapest is possibly the sexiest show on the Fringe this year.
From the high sleaze of the opening number, from the faultless six piece live band, it is clear that this is a show which lays its appeal, intentions and actual performers squarely on the table. A stunningly gorgeous bunch they are too in various states of black undress highlighting beautifully sculpted bodies and rippling muscles. Immediate stand out is Renato Illes, who in his vertiginous high heels that most women would even struggle to walk across a room in, somehow manages to perform acrobatics and trapeze stunts that take your breath away.
The sex and sass are ramped up from the outset with boy on boy, girl on girl and boy on girl action, a tightrope strip tease concluding with a splits routine, slinky choreography, a passionate tango sequence which was strictly sizzling, juggling hoops all interspersed with moments of humour and light relief when things get really steamy.
This is definitely a show which has the ‘WOW’ factor and wow it certainly does. High sleaze, passionate drama, dangerous erotica and stunning visual treats all conspire to make this a physical manifestation of an era that has only previously existed in photographs and imagination.
Paris de Nuit is on at Assembly George Square Gardens until August 27th(not 21st) at 8.30pm