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Just an Observation

So this week the news was announced that there is a Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and American Actress Meghan Markle next spring which will distract us from the sheer shambolic state of the country, the abject poverty, the ever increasing problem of homelessness or even the fact that the country is perilously close to driving itself over a cliff with the ongoing Brexit catastrophe.
Or not!
I really think the last thing this country needs at the moment is a Royal Wedding as a means of distraction and an extra expense. I have nothing personally against either Harry –both he and his brother William seem relatively grounded and aware that they are privileged and do seem like a new generation of royals even if William has somehow morphed into his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh in recent sightings- or Meghan but the truth is they both have enough money at their disposal to pay for their own wedding.
It just isn’t appropriate that with the state of this country at the moment that it should be expected to pick up the bill especially as they are already funding the renovation of Buckingham Palace to the tune of £350 million.
Also you would have thought there was no other news on Tuesday the day it was announced with it taking up sixty-five percent of news coverage-conservative estimate- whilst the Government’s benefit freeze didn’t warrant a solitary mention. Instead there was a five minute analysis of how relaxed Meghan Markle was in her interview with the media and how natural she seemed in front of the cameras; meanwhile I was screaming at my television ‘She’s a fucking actress it’s her job!’
Moving onto the other impending disaster, Brexit, it would seem that there has been an amazing breakthrough this week with the Government confirming that it has struck a deal and reached a financial agreement for the ‘divorce’ settlement.
Yes, it seems that paying £50 Billion for a lesser deal than the one we already have is what the last eighteen months of negotiations have been all about and now we can move forward. Or backwards whichever way you look at it. In fact it is backwards every way you look at it. When is someone going to actually pull the brakes on this charade before we crash land with little chance of recovery?
By this point Donald Trump will probably have ignited even more racial hatred as he is allowed to incite xenophobia and support the far right hate group Britain First unchecked on Twitter.
I would like to think this is as low as he can get but every week he debunks that myth by slipping even further into his very own snake pit. Wonder if he will get an invite to the Royal Wedding as it looks like the State Visit may be on hold for the foreseeable future.
It may be an idea to make as much as you can of this Christmas as who knows what will have happened by this time next year. That is if you can afford the Christmas dinner of course as even the price of that has increased significantly since last year.
At least we have music.
There are a couple of unmissable gigs in Edinburgh coming up over the next week.
First up is the excellent Filthy Tongues at the Liquid Rooms on Saturday 2nd December. If last years show was anything to go by you really wouldn’t want to miss this one.
Also on Wednesday the 6th December Kid Congo Powers- ex Gun Club. The Cramps and Bad Seed- and the Pink Monkey Birds are at Opium in the Cowgate, This too looks like being a gig not to be missed as this band never fails to deliver.
Think of it as Christmas come early as two gigs of this calibre in a week is a very beautiful thing.
There have been quite few musical stirrings in the capital of late and it feels as if a few musical projects bubbling away in the background are about to rise up to the surface. More details on this to follow but 2018 looks like being quite an interesting year for Edinburgh musically and it is not before time.
Let us also not forget that today is also World Aids Day and spare a thought for so many people lost along the way. It is refreshing that so much of the stigma surrounding this disease has dissipated over the years along with the ignorance and misinformation; this week even saw First Minister Nicola Sturgeon take a very public HIV test as a means of removing the stigma even further.
Whilst it still remains a problem at least things have moved on from the early horror stories we were fed by the media in the nascent stages of the disease where confusion was outranked by fuelled terror. So glad we have moved on from that initial situation and would like to think that some of the positivity,empathy and kindness which removed the stigma can be applied to the mess we find ourselves in today.