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The Filthy Tongues: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh December 2nd 2017

A swirling cape alternating blue and red light bathes the stage while the audience in encircled by a heavy fog of dry ice- the Edinburgh outdoors is one of the few cities which appears just as beautiful in a swirling mist although I am not sure that this atmospheric translates itself so readily to the already darkened Liquid Rooms- as The Filthy Tongues languidly take their places in preparation for a show which takes its audience on a deep and mystical journey.
Paving the way for a very lyrical set the band launched into a rousing instrumental before drawing heavily on last year’s dynamic Jacob’s Ladder opus.
First out the traps is Children of the Filthy rapidly followed by Crew Cut, Long Time Dead and the aforementioned album’s title track before they are joined onstage by the glamorous Stacey Chavis aka Isa Tongue for a brief interlude wherein the band change dynamic and take on a more Velvet Underground vibe as they run through Jim’s Killer and Normal Boy. Just as quickly they shift tack again and are straight into Holy Brothers.
Being able to diversify as seemingly as effortlessly as this simply shows the musical chops this band has at their disposal without ever losing their identity as a band.
Next up is Green Turns Red before finishing the set proper with the much loved Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie number ‘The Rattler.
The encore numbers were the brooding Bowhead Saint before the show concluded with the perennial crowd favourite Goodwill City.
Definitely a powerful gig the Filthy Tongues are still going from strength to strength and although their sound is very much informed by Nick Cave they are no mere copyists or imitators; there is enough originality and musical strength for them to carve out a niche territory of their own.
Dark, brooding, mystical and uplifting the Filthy Tongues are definitely one of the hottest bands in Scotland at the moment!