This fast-paced , funny and highly entertaining show written by Hallam Breen and Phoebe Simmonds takes a look at the difficulty in gay relationships especially when the ‘exclusive’ question rears its head.
It is an intoxicating rush which begins when the two central protagonists Eddie and Dylan meet in a Wetherspoons while both on dates with other people. The relationship powers ahead at lightening speed and pretty soon they are living together and totally coupled up.
This is where things take a turn as Eddie’s sister Rosie arrives at their flat and after interrupting an intimate moment she proceeds to get uproariously drunk with the two lovers and then asks them in a moment of candour whether their relationship is exclusive. There is an awkward silence when Dylan suggests that maybe they are not and perhaps he would like to embark on sexual experiences out-with the relationship or at least with others within it.
Eddie however is not as keen but decides to go along with it anyway.
As is the norm in these situations when two people are coming at things from a different angle with one compromising things move along smoothly until they don’t and when they don’t they very definitely don’t.
It is at this juncture that Dylan reveals that he feels he has been coerced into the relationship and things start to unravel until they reach a very dramatic head.
Despite the seriousness of the subject matter which looks at monogamy in gay relationships this production deals with it in a highly humorous manner. Eddie’s sister Rosie is in particular adept at making light of serious subject matter and is an equal star in the tale of the two young lovers. Definitely a show worth catching; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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